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Dark Energy Digital

Hydrophobia Developer Could Be Closing Its Doors For Good [Rumor]

Yet another developer could be exiting the UK development community as Dark Energy Digital has reportedly gone into administration. The studio best known for the Hydrophobia series has reportedly told its employees about the status of the company which involves administrators coming in to begin the closure process.  

Hydrophobia Prophecy Debut Trailer Shows Some Of The New Features Gamers Can Expect

We’ve already been detailed on the many improvements and additions that are being added to Hydrophobia via the PSN/PC release Hydrophobia Prophecy and now we can see such things in action in this new gameplay trailer. To the people who haven’t played Hydrophobia before this trailer may very well mean nothing to you since it’s hard to immediately know what is and isn’t new.

Hydrophobia Surfaces Once Again In Hydrophobia Prophecy

Thanks to people having the time to browse through Australian certification websites we got early word on Hydrophobia Prophecy, the next installment of the sci-fi based Hydrophobia franchise. Just like some of the locales in Hydrophobia, details on what Hydrophobia Prophecy was going to offer were a bit murky. But now we have some official details on the latest game, or rather major revision, of Hydrophobia which as a whole should please the fans of the franchise and those who own a PlayStation 3.

Australian Ratings Listing Reveals Sequel To Hydrophobia

Usually developers only have one chance to make their game good since once it hits retail it’s out for the public to consume and hopefully enjoy.  When Hydrophobia was released on XBLA last year the game didn’t exactly have a warm welcoming as it had a series of problems that prevented it from joining the pantheon of great XBLA games.  But then developer Dark Energy Digital did something that’s rarely seen these days: they released an epic patch that essentially fixed a good chunk of Hydrophobia’s problems and in the process trimmed some of the extra fat that wasn’t required in th

Hydrophobia [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Hydrophobia gets a much deserved shot at redemption thanks to the Pure patch, and thankfully the core issues the game had have been fixed and the game is a blast to play. Delving into a destroyed ship overrun by water, fire and electrical hazards provides an experience that I hadn’t experience in a game before, yes that even includes BioShock. While Hydrophobia still has a few issues concerning level variety, how many puzzles are present and a somewhat one-note story, the game has incredible promise and thanks to the fixes made by developer Dark Energy Digital the game is more than playable and is one of the more enjoyable games to be offered on XBLA.

The Pros: 

Water effects are really fluid and feel quite natural at times, even if they sometimes look a bit gelatinous in a way. Using the water to solve puzzles or kill enemies is cool and allowed me to think out of the box in a few scenarios. The action in the levels and their length is rather brisk and the overall length of the game on a first play session is perfect for the price of 800 MS points.

The Cons: 

The story is there but things don’t feel like they’re pushed as much as they could’ve been, even if you look at the game as merely Chapter 1 of a bigger tale. Would like if the designs of the Malthusians were more diverse and there were more enemy types. The levels are designed in a nice fashion, but there’s not enough variety to the world as it’s just one industrial room after another. Would’ve been nice if there were more puzzles instead of merely activating switches or unlocking doors. Rating : 

When a game comes out it’s pretty much over and done with.  In the eyes of gamers once a product is on the shelves or placed on the imaginary shelf space that digital services offer, there’s not much else one can do.  Developers can definitely fine tune things via patching, but at times we only get minimal improvements or we see such a thing used as a crutch for developers who either don’t know what they’re doing or were far too incompetent to realize that there were major issues that needed to be addressed originally.  But now we find ourselves in an interesting scenario as

Is Hydrophobia the next Bioshock or Dead Space?

Sometimes I think I follow the game industry too closely at times since I remember obscure games that either was released with a whimper or never hit retail due to a multitude of reasons.  Among the many useless pieces of gaming knowledge in my head I recall seeing a game called Hydrophobia about 2-3 years back in Edge Magazine along with a few small web articles.  The main gimmick of Hydrophobia was that it was an action/adventure game set in a locale that is slowly being overtaken by the sea.  The developers wanted to do some interesting things with the water tech by actual

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