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Cyborg Ninja

Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja Figure Is Revealed And It Looks Amazing

I may already have too many video game related products as it stands now, but I’ll likely be adding a few more items to my collection in the near future – one of which will be this exquisite Cyborg Ninja figure.  Today Hideo Kojima took to his Twitter account to do something somewhat rare: he made a Twitter reveal that wasn’t wrapped in a bundle of secrecy that was also serving as an epic teaser.

MGS Collectors Ought To Take Note Of This New Kojima Tease

Being a gamer and an overall geek, I like to collect cool action figures or statues of popular video game characters I like.  Having laid down $260 on the Sideshow Collectibles Kratos statue, I find myself having to lessen my budget for somewhat superfluous things like picking up a Ratchet & Clank figure but I can only hope this tease of a Metal Gear Solid figure isn’t in the $100+ category.

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