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Darksiders Property Likely To Be Acquired By Crytek

THQ may be nothing more than missed potential and shattered dreams at this point, but there is still hope for the Darksiders franchise.  Even though Darksiders developer Vigil Games was dissolved due to not being acquired in the first wave of IP/asset sales held in January, none other than Crytek could come to the rescue once again to keep the post-apocalyptic demon/angel franchise alive.

THQ Finally Ceases To Be + IP News

At long last the era of THQ has come to a close. After being foretold in a sense nearly a year ago via Kevin Dent and made more apparent by the public financial issues that the company was running into, THQ is now a thing of the past.  The somewhat unfortunate demise of THQ isn’t a complete tearjerker moment however as several properties and studios made famous by the company will thankfully live on with new homes. 

Timesplitters May Or May Not Be Poised For A Comeback

The power of petitions may be facing it’s toughest and most pertinent test based on comments made by Crytek boss Cevat Yerli.  Since the sad closure of Free Radical at the hands of LucasArts canning Star Wars: Battlefront 3, gamers have been waiting, if not wishing every night before they go to bed, for a new Timesplitters entry.

Our First Look At Redemption, A Cancelled Project From Crytek

We already have a clue as to what the future may hold for Crytek, but today we also have a glimpse at a part of the company’s past, in particular an unreleased project that was once in the works.

Crytek Founder/CEO Comments On The F2P Future Of The Company

The video game industry is ever changing in a variety of ways, whether it’s through the technology that powers the games, how gamers play them, and how they’re offered to us.  Over the last two years we’ve seen the free-to-play business model pick up more steam, even so much now that PS3 and Xbox 360 games have gone the F2P route.  We haven’t seen the F2P model exactly become the norm across a wide array of publishers and developers, but Crytek is embracing the model with open arms based on recent comments made by CEO Cevat Yerli.

Crytek's Kinect Brawler Ryse Is Still Alive For Now


Games come and go either because they get cancelled or they get released only to earn fame or in some cases earn a decent amount of scorn and hatred.  The video game business is an interesting one as there are also games which we forget about simply because they disappear and we’re too busy to notice.  With half a dozen games announced every couple of months and people being preoccupied playing new releases, it’s not too uncommon for known games to be forgotten about since they only show up once a year.  

Crysis 3 Trailer Has Bow & Arrow Action + Wubdub Soundtrack

Following up on the not so surprise announcement that occurred last week, EA and Crytek have released the first in-game trailer for Crysis 3.  As some of you may already know the next entry in the franchise sees the action once again taking place in New York but this time the city is not only ravaged by the scars of war but by the environment which has nearly overtaken the city.  

Crysis 3 On The Way In 2013

The futuristic shoorter known as Crysis will have its third instalement launch in early 2013.

The news comes straight from developer Crytek, who will utilize their CryENGINE3 for Crysis 3. Hopefully if the game sells well they won’t end up crying... cue drum hilarity. Ah, can’t beat the classic one liners.

Crytek Developer Drops Interesting Next-Gen Tease

It’s once again time for some vague but possibly substantial updates on the next-generation Xbox console but this time it’s actually something of note as opposed to a mere “what if?” scenario.  Amidst the rumors of Microsoft employing an anti-used games DRM on the next Xbox or that the console would feature a touch screen controller with HD resolution, one somewhat believable next-gen Xbox news tidbit involved the codename of the console.

[RUMOR] Crytek Bumps The Kinect Action Title Ryse To Next-Gen Xbox

The plot is thickening when it comes to the next-generation Xbox.  We’ve already been hit with a few rumors pointing to potential tech specs for Microsoft's next-gen console and how it could possibly be unveiled at CES next month.  It’s almost tradition in the video game industry for somewhat believable, somewhat full of crap rumors to surface about next-gen hardware and in a way it’s something gamers look forward to.

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