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Criterion's Alex Ward Comments On Possible Studio Direction

Criterion Games could finally be branching out once again as a developer based on chatter that arose yesterday.  After refuting claims that the studio was working on a reboot/remake of NFS: Underground, Criterion Games Creative Director Alex Ward took to Twitter to reveal that there may be a focus on games that don’t revolve around elaborate car chases or vehicular mayhem.

Criterion Reportedly Not Doing NFS: Underground Remake

Rumors of another reboot in the Need for Speed franchise have now been debunked by Criterion Games Creative Director Alex Ward.  Originating from EGM, rumor had it that a reboot of NFS: Underground was in the works. 

The rumor itself seemed plausible given the previous NFS reboots that have been released in recent years and reportedly jived with tidbits EGM had heard about such a thing. Though now it seems like the rumor is nothing but bunk.

EA Reveals New Swedish Based Studio Tasked With Creating New Need For Speed

EA always has a plan for everything, more so when it involves one of their core franchises. No major shake-ups have occurred in the world of EA franchises, such as the FIFA team suddenly taking on Madden, but a new studio has been added to the fray to handle the ever growing Need For Speed franchise. 

Need For Speed Most Wanted Ups The Ante In This New Video

At E3 last month EA and Criterion did us a solid by bringing back Need For Speed Most Wanted albeit in a different form.  The Most Wanted name may be back, but as Criterion did with NFS Hot Pursuit, the Guildford based studio is putting their own unique spin on the game which of course puts fast racing to the forefront along with a healthy amount of car chases and elaborate wrecks.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Hands-On [E3 2012]

It may seem like EA is simply beating a dead horse, but the Need For Speed franchise continues to thrive with every new installment that’s released. Sure, there may be a stinker or two such as NFS: The Run, but even then the series manages to grab an audience that’s enthralled by the prospect of driving fast and extremely recklessly as opposed to taking four driving tests before the action finally heats up. 

Criterion (Burnout, Need for Speed) Working On PlayStation Vita Game

The past two months have been extremely painful if you’re a PlayStation Vita owner since the offerings on the platform have been slim.  There’s always a post-launch dry spell, but for some reason it seems a bit tougher for the Vita seeing as how the system got off to a good start with the release of games such as Wipeout, Uncharted, and Lumines yet here we are with nothing to entice us.   Core Vita gamers have been doing their best to stay patient despite starving for goodness to keep them entertained.

Take a tour of the winding roads and gorgeous cars of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [Video]

We’ve seen quite a few videos for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit but they’ve all left us wanting more.  A job of a trailer is of course to hype people up, but what we’ve seen of Hot Pursuit left us wanting something very specific: show us more of the damn world.  NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2 was a classic mainly because of its great variety on the location side of things.

New Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer offers more deadly yet thrilling racing

I’m a huge fan of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 I was absolutely elated when EA announced the Hot Pursuit reboot at E3.  Then I got some hands-on time with the game at EA’s massive E3 booth and I was in a way less than impressed, though not completely disappointed, with what was offered.  Walking away with my head down, I was a bit bummed out that my favorite arcade game featuring luxury vehicles wasn’t the epic racing game it once was.  But my frown was turned upside down two months later when I tried the game out at a

The action shifts to the sunny desert in this new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit video

When the weather’s nice and the sun is out it’s always terrific to take a drive in a luxury vehicle.  I’m of course not referring to personal experience as I hate leaving my apartment and am forever bound to buses and trains since I don’t own a car (inside fact: don’t have a license either).  I prefer my luxury car driving to occur in the world of video games since I can enjoy the virtual sun (the real thing is too annoying on my sensitive eyes) and I can become a speed demon.

Is this the car roster of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit?

EA and Criterion has been quite mum on what vehicles we can expect from their Need for Speed Hot Pursuit relaunch. So far we know of a few of the cars which will be included in the game which include a Lamborghini, a Porsche and an Audi.

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