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Sega Shifts Company Focus, Plans New Software Strategy

Sometimes when a rumor actually pans out it’s a cool occasion since it heralds a new game announcement or simply a cool development that pleases a part of the gaming community. But every once in a while we see a rumor become reality that we never actually wanted to happen since it’s nothing but bad news all around. As rumored earlier this year, Sega has announced a slight restructuring plan that could see the company eventually go the THQ route by focusing on smaller projects.

Find Out Who Is Making The New Alien Video Game

In the world of cinema the Alien films are regarded as some of the best sci-fi films ever made (at least the first two) and have inspired countless other films and even video game designers over the years.  But as some of us know, the Alien franchise has never really had a great video game outside of the well regarded Alien vs.

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