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Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Reboot Could Be In The Works

A once legendary video game character could be poised for a major revival if a leaked image is to be believed. Regarded back in the day as the next big thing,  the era of Crash Bandicoot came to a close once Naughty Dog, the original creators of Crash, decided to move on to bigger and better things. Crash didn’t immediately die once Naughty Dog left, but he didn’t exactly receive the attention required to keep him relevant, a thing which led to the franchise to die a few years ago.

Screens Surface Of A Cancelled Crash Team Racing Follow-Up

Yet another game can be added to the already crowded halls of unreleased games as we have our first look at a proposed Crash Team Racing sequel.  Back in the early days of the PS1 generation Crash Bandicoot became an unofficial spokesman for Sony’s new gaming console and in turn gained legions of fans. Besides the amusing PS1 commercials featuring Crash it helped that the actual games featuring the titular character were fun to play which only added to the popularity of Crash.

Fan Mod For Crash Bandicoot Looks Amazing Because...

Back in the heyday of the original PlayStation I was never a huge fan of Crash Bandicoot. I don’t exactly know why I never became a fan of the orange bandicoot especially since for a good chunk of time he was the unofficial spokesman for the PlayStation brand in its battle against Mario and those other pesky video game characters.  Since the PS1 era Crash hasn’t exactly had the best run lately after being gobbled up by Vivendi Universal which in turn was gobbled up by Activision.

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