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Battlefield: Hardline Live, an Eight Day Competition for £10,000

Launch events are not a new concept, neither is the idea of a game tournament. However, what does feel somewhat shiny and new is the way that EA is handling it for their upcoming Battlefield: Hardline.

Announced today, EA will be holding a competition in London called Battlefield: Hardline Live. The idea is a real-life competition held between registered "crews" at a "secret location" somewhere in London over the course of eight days, March 18th to 25th.

Want A Free Bionic Arm From Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

This isn’t really breaking news per say as it more or so falls in line with how cool certain contests can be yet at the same time being wholly ridiculous.  In an attempt to further hype up Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is coming out in August, Square Enix is throwing one of those fancy video game contests that have been present since the SNES days.  Like Deus Ex itself, the contest Square Enix is throwing is rather impressive and is far from being normal, mainly because you have the chance to win a bionic arm.

See Who Won Our HUGE Collection of Gaming Swag + $25 from

The entries are in for our HUGE swag bag contest! Thanks everyone for playing along. We've picked our contest winner, and you can check out who won our random draw in the video below. They'll have one week to collect their prize, otherwise another draw!

Thanks again to for the extra $25 gift card, and Tek Support for his buttery beats.

Win a HUGE Collection of Gaming Swag + $25 from

If you've followed convention coverage before, you know one of our specialties is collecting a ton of gaming related SWAG from every one we can, and giving you a chance to win it.

Unfortunately, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is not exactly the Super Bowl of cool merch, unless you really like 1GB generic USB drives, pens and the occasional screen wipe. So I've been searching for help from our friends, partners and sponsors to help put on what is undoubtedly our biggest swag haul to date.

Shogun Gamer Holiday Contest

With the Holiday season still lingering, I thought it would be nice to reward some of y’all with some stuff – specifically free games and a kick-ass figure. You see, I’m not a completely jaded punk and instead I’m a bit of a softy and kind chap who thought it would be nice to give some of our loyal readers a reward of sorts. So to cap of 2010 and start 2011 off with a bang, I’m giving away two free games and a figure from the Square Enix Play Arts Kai series.

Skate 3 contest winner announced

After a bunch of good videos were submitted it’s time to announce the lucky winner of our Skate 3 contest.  Picking who would win the amazing Skate 3 PAX East deck was definitely a tough thing to do. With videos that showed amazing skill I kind of wish I had more than one board to give away. But after much thought a winner was chosen.

2K Games Announces Contest For Bioshock 2

2K Games wants Bioshock 2 fans to submit a short video displaying their wild and deadly antics while roaming the halls of the city under the sea, Rapture.

Bethesda Denies Brink Release Date

Earlier in the week I got a bit excited about the announcement of a joint contest between Bethesda and GameStop promoting the upcoming release of Brink for PS3/360/PC. Unfortunately Bethesda has since then stepped up to deny that September 7th is going to be the final launch date. Instead they provided clarification that they are launching in “Fall of 2010.”

Brink Gets Release Date and Sweepstakes

It looks as though Gamestop is once more the place to find out about release dates before a publisher bothers to announce it. Bethesda and Gamestop have teamed up to put forward a sweepstakes for the upcoming FPS “Brink.” According to the contest details (confirmed on the game page) the game will be releasing on September 7th 2010.

2k Sports set to give away $1 Millon Dollars

Today, 2k Sports announced that they will give away a $1 million dollar prize. The money will be awarded to the first person who can pitch a no hitter in their new MLB 2k10.

This contest could be one of the best video game competitions of the year, or ever. It seems that more and more games are doing enjoyable contest for their core fans. 

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