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DC Comics and WB Games Announces Batman: Arkham City Prequel Comic Book Series

DC Comics has just announced that this May they will be releasing a new comic series set in the universe established in the worldwide best seller Batman: Arkham Asylum video game.  The comic book, which is written by Paul Dini (the same man who wrote Arkham Asylum) is set one year after the events we played in Batman: Arkham Asylum and serves as a set-up to what occurs in Batman: Arkham City.

Left 4 Dead comic book available today

In the past few years, video games have gotten more and more comic book adaptations. Not being a hardcore comic fan, I don’t know if this necessarily a good or bad thing as it’s usually a 50/50 chance at the comics being good.  In the past we’ve gotten nice comic extensions of existing properties like Resistance or Mass Effect which not only have decent art, but also give gamers more detail on the worlds they love so much.

Disney and Marvel team up for TRON comic book

Last week was amazing if you’re a fan of TRON since the San Diego Comic Con served as the source of an overflowing amount of goodness.  Not only was there a panel with the TRON: Legacy cast, but a new 8 minute clip was shown along with a new theatrical trailer that was simply awe-inspiring.  Now the TRON hype machine continues to blaze down the Game Grid with the announcement of TRON: The Betrayal from Marvel Comics.

Ubisoft teases new mystery project [Update]

Ubisoft may have announced their E3 line-up but there will of course be a few surprises.  With games like TinTin, I Am Alive in Ubi’s roster of potential E3 attendees, another mystery project could be joining them.

Kane & Lynch comic book announced

Since it’s the cool thing to do these days, IO Interactive and DC Comics have announced a Kane & Lynch comic series.  Set to release in August, the series will delve into the past violent adventures of the dysfunctional duo.

The world of NIER is being transported to comic books

Somehow Square Enix’s upcoming Action-RGP NIER just became more amazing today. SE has announced that they’re partnering with DC Comic’s Wildstorm label to release a series of NIER comic books. There will be three books total, all of which will expand the NIER universe and answer questions that are unanswered in the game.

Find out why Kratos is so angry in a new God of War comic book series

Over the past three God of War games we’ve gotten a nice look at why Kratos is so damn angry. Sure, he’s a warrior and a complete badass on the battlefield but he seems generally angry and a bit grumpy all the time. Yes, accidentally killing your wife & daughter and then being imbued with their ashes as a constant reminder will put a damper on anyone’s day but even after accepting that incident Kratos is still an angry man. Even despite bedding multiple hot Greek women at the same time Kratos is still an angry basterd who will disembowel anyone.

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