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cloud gaming

NVidia Sheild Announced, Cloud Based Console

Apparently the concept of cloud-based gaming hasn't died yet. While GDC has been providing developers with free copies of the newest software and showing off a plethora of VR headsets, it looks like Nvidia is leading the charge of cloud-based gaming still being a thing.

Just announced today, Nvidia will be supplying the gaming community at large with their own take on cloud gaming with the Nvidia Shield.

Sony Acquires Gaikai, Potential Gamechanger Moment Inbound

A true gamechanging moment has happened in the video game industry as Sony has announced that they’ve bought Gaikai.  Going into E3 this year there was quite a rumor storm brewing about Sony’s foray into the world of cloud gaming and that Gaikai would either be a major partner in such an endeavor or would be wholly bought. Obviously E3 came and went without any megaton Sony/Gaikai news yet here we are today with the two companies working together to possibly change the gaming landscape.

Former Sony Honcho Phil Harrison Joins Gaikai

Two of the tallest men in the video game industry are working together as former Sony Worldwide Studios honcho Phil Harrison has joined Gaikai.  After leaving Sony in 2008 Phil went on to join Atari but later jumped ship for greener pastures.  Now Phil has joined fellow video game veteran David Perry (Earthworm Jim, with his Cloud based gaming company Gaikai.

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