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CES 2011

Marshall Headphones Deliver Big Sound, Style and Comfort. [S#!T YOU WANT]

Overall Feeling: 

Some of the Best Portable Headphones that can hold up to our everyday torture.

The Pros: 

+ Sexy simplistic style (with or without you attached)

+ Great sound, especially when cranked just like Marshall amps should be

+ Amazing price

+ Surprisingly little volume leakage (transit Dj's need not apply)

The Cons: 

- "On-ear" design can cause ear fatigue after extended use.

- Low input volumes cause the sound to flatten out. Rating : 

The number of headphones I have gone through in my years riding transit is ridiculous. In fact, it's a bit embarrassing. Weather it's ear buds, the overpriced studio headphones, or the Bose I saved up for (that broke in three weeks), Any headphone purchases I have made in recent years has had an element of anxiety attached to it.

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Mad Catz CES Showcase [CES 2011]

It’s been a full year now since we first checked in with the modern version of Mad Catz. We saw that they’d come miles since the crappy feeling, budget-priced, third-party controllers of the past. Mad Catz has grown, with more leaps than bounds, over the past year. Now they own five major peripheral manufacturers that span across all modern consoles and the PC. This year’s showcase at CES wasn’t as hefty as last year’s show, and in speaking with the PR the focus for CES 2011 was to feature products releasing within the next 90 days rather than the whole of the year.

Xbox Live House Party Press Event [CES 2011]

During this year’s CES Microsoft announced their plans for the Microsoft Xbox Live House Party. It was an Xbox event large enough to require its own party, and Shogun Gamer was there to provide coverage on the announcements that followed.

Sony's new 3D peripheral makes gamers look like Cyclops

If I had $20 for every time Sony mentioned 3D during their CES conference last night, I may have enough money to buy myself one of Sony’s new-fangled 3D Bravia TVs.  Just like they’ve done for the past year, Sony is heavily pushing 3D entertainment, whether it’s in movies, films or the area we all are interested the most in: video games.

Microsoft announces Avatar Kinect and it actually isn't too bad

Last night Microsoft held their CES conference and unlike Sony’s offering, which once again was dry and a bit boring, some game related goods were shown off. After revealing that Xbox 360 owners would be able to use Netflix and Hulu via Kinect (yay at that I guess), the company finally revealed their latest endeavor: Avatar Kinect.

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