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Drakengard Returns With New Sequel

Square Enix is dipping back into one of their more popular catalog titles to deliver a new sequel. No, we’re not going to receive yet another pointless Final Fantasy title as the shocking announcement is that of a new Drakengard title for the PlayStation 3.

Nier's ESRB description makes it sound like an otaku's dream game

The upcoming Square Enix RPG Nier from developer Cavia seems to be on everyone’s radar for perhaps the wrong reasons.  When the game debut at E3 2009 it was met with a lukewarm reaction that despite the applaude for SE for doing something slightly different, left many a bit unimpressed by what was shown.

Square Enix announces Nier Replicant

When Square Enix debuted the Cavia developed action game Nier at E3 this summer the game really didn’t get a lot of people hyped up. It was certainly nice to see Square Enix release a new IP let alone one that is slightly geared towards the Western audience but Nier kind of looked a bit meh compared to what else was shown at E3 and the other Square Enix offerings.

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