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PSA: Your Wii U Has Resurrected Castlevania: Part II

Welcome back, weary traveler! You look emboldened and full of vigor. Could it be? Have you taken my advice? Did you in fact partake of the three succulent fruits that I placed before you in Part I? But of course you did!

PSA: Your Wii U Has Resurrected Castlevania: Part I

Like the Great Pumpkin rising from the pumpkin patch giving presents to all of the good girls and boys, Nintendo and Konami have given us all a special treat this past Halloween. It’s a gift that will last longer than any pillowcase full of candy or Fireball-induced hangover – it’s the Gameboy Advance Castlevania trilogy.

Konami files trademark that could be a new Castlevania game

Its speculation time thanks to a recent trademark filing Konami has made in Europe.  While the PS3/360 Castlevania game Lords of Shadow hasn’t been released that isn’t stopping Konami from perhaps planning the future of the franchise.  Siliconera has found out that Konami trademarked the name “Harmony of Despair.”

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