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A Small But Interesting Update On Konami's Contra Reboot

Games come and go, but there are a few which are announced only to forever fade away from our memories.  One game that may have been forgotten about despite it’s stature within the hierarchy of classic video games was the Contra reboot from Konami.  If you recall, back at E3 2011 Konami released a very short teaser for a new Contra game. 

Our First Look At Redemption, A Cancelled Project From Crytek

We already have a clue as to what the future may hold for Crytek, but today we also have a glimpse at a part of the company’s past, in particular an unreleased project that was once in the works.

More Footage Of Free Radical's Version Of Star Wars Battlefront III Is Released

Just to depress us even more, some additional footage of Free Radical’s version of Star Wars Battlefront III has leaked.  A long gone project at this point due to the closure of Free Radical back in 2008, it’s odd to see more footage of Battlefront III leak but at the same time this may be the closest we’ll get to seeing what a PS3/Xbox 360 Battlefront game would look like seeing as how LucasArts have been dragging their feet on the matter.

Images Of Cancelled Justice League Game Surface

The video game industry usually has a few major casualties of war in the form of projects that for one reason or another are cancelled. Sometimes budget reasons can be the cause for a project being binned while other times it’s simply because the development studio has issues and the publisher becomes less than confident in the product.  There are likely dozens of cancelled games we know absolutely nothing about but some of the more notable ones we are privy to oddly enough are superhero games.

Mass Effect: Team Assault (FPS Multiplayer Game) Looks Ok In This Leaked Video

We haven’t had any good leaks lately in respect to footage of cancelled video game projects but that changes today with our first and only possible look at Mass Effect: Team Assault, the proposed Mass Effect spin-off game that was to be a competitive FPS entry in the series.

Our First and Possibly Only Look At Capcom's Strider Reboot

Today news has been unearthed which may either please, disappoint, or simply anger longtime fans of the ninja that is Strider.  Capcom may have forgotten about its once popular red scarfed ninja, but apparently a reboot was in the works.  According to info pertained by Anait Games, Grin Barcelona was working on a new Strider game for Capcom.  Yes, the same folks who did the Bionic Commando reboot were going to give Strider a next-gen makeover as well.

New Images Of Animal Wars, The Cancelled PS3 Game From Factor 5

Once a great company with a loyal following, Factor 5 sadly became one of the first major victims of this console generation under somewhat shocking circumstances.  After failing to deliver on their initial promises with the PS3 exclusive Lair, Factor 5 went on to produce several projects internally while working on a non-movie related Superman video game.

A Brief Look At My Amazing Story, The Canceled Xbox 360 Game That Never Was

I always appreciate the chance to see whatever I can of a cancelled video game and today we have a nice gem from a cancelled Microsoft venture.  Don’t ask me what happened to Microsoft’s internal efforts this generation as the company has cut down on their projects significantly to the point where they appear to only focus on anything relating to Halo, Kinect, and Avatars. Despite including the last two things, Microsoft opted to cancel My Amazing Story, a light RPG/adventure game from developer Planet Moon Studios.

Want To See More Of Eight Days? Well Here's A New Video For You

This may only make some gamers bitterer than they already were, but yet another Eight Days video has been released. You may remember yesterday we got some new footage of the game and today we have another video detailing a prototype for a complete level.  Previously my hype for Eight Days was high and I was saddened when the game got the boot but I always understood some of Sony’s reasoning behind making such a decision.

More Footage Of The Cancelled PS3 Exclusive Eight Days

Since today is leaky ship Monday, a brand new video for the cancelled PS3 game Eight Days has been released.

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