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What I wanted to see at E3 2015

It's no secret that E3 2015 was absolutely fantastic for gamers. The big names had some bombs to drop and the real winners were us the gamers. To say that it's going to be a very expensive Holiday this year is a massive understatement. But there were some things that stood out for me, a few things that I wanted to see at E3 that weren't shown or mentioned.

Criterion's Alex Ward Comments On Possible Studio Direction

Criterion Games could finally be branching out once again as a developer based on chatter that arose yesterday.  After refuting claims that the studio was working on a reboot/remake of NFS: Underground, Criterion Games Creative Director Alex Ward took to Twitter to reveal that there may be a focus on games that don’t revolve around elaborate car chases or vehicular mayhem.

Criterion (Burnout, Need for Speed) Working On PlayStation Vita Game

The past two months have been extremely painful if you’re a PlayStation Vita owner since the offerings on the platform have been slim.  There’s always a post-launch dry spell, but for some reason it seems a bit tougher for the Vita seeing as how the system got off to a good start with the release of games such as Wipeout, Uncharted, and Lumines yet here we are with nothing to entice us.   Core Vita gamers have been doing their best to stay patient despite starving for goodness to keep them entertained.

Burnout Crash Gets A New Release Date (Good News For The Five People Interested In it)

It may be hard for any interest to be drummed up concerning how dire the product looks, but EA has announced a revised release date for Burnout Crash.  Announced last week after two months of speculation, Burnout Crash greeted longstanding fans of the Burnout series as if it was a horrific wreck, it looked dreadful but you couldn’t help but look to just see how bad it ultimately looked.

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