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ODST provides a lackluster side-story for the Halo universe

Overall Feeling: 

Bungie got fed up with making smash hit titles and slightly tweaking the game to improve upon a winning formula to take a gamble on a different genre of game while being forced to stick to the Halo name.

The Pros: 

Nathan Fillion does a fantastic job of voice acting one of the main characters, and will keep you entertained through the cut scenes of the game.

The Cons: 

The game falls short of being a successor of Halo 3, while failing at striking out to become a more realistic and adult shooter. It's also extremely short, with virtually no replay value. It feels as though this should have been a DLC side mission rather than a full priced retail game. Rating : 


Over the course of the last week I’ve been playing through Halo: ODST and mulling over my feelings for the game. Being a fan of Halo 3 and hearing they were going to take the series in a new direction I was considerably excited for the game. I made a point to go nab a copy as soon as I could. However, I’m disappointed to say that the best parts of what make Halo are mysteriously absent from their reinvention of the series.

Bungie's new IP is close to having a publisher

It looks like Bungie is ready to step away from Halo for the time being as is reporting that the studio is close to signing a publishing deal for their new IP.

As you may already know Bungie split from Microsoft Game Studios three years ago to pursue other projects. It seemed like Bungie wanted to be able to work on projects aside from Halo and be able to develop new games that could be available for platforms other than the Xbox 360. But for some reason in the past three years they’re still been churning out Halo titles with the upcoming Halo: ODST being the latest.

Big Smile Reviews: Diifii gets Xbox Live - Halo 3 Online Review

Diifii is back and this time he's jacked into Xbox Live! That's right, after all this time he can finally remove the message (Sorry I don't have Xbox Live) and replace it with XBLive: Diifii. Which he has done, head over to his channel and check it out! Also, if you have an XBLive account you might want to add him up!

To celebrate his new Xbox identity, why not kick it old school and re-live one of the systems best online games. Halo 3! Check it out!

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