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Halo: Reach Beta Details & MP Gameplay Footage Revealed

On May 3rd, Halo fans who own a copy of Halo 3: ODST will be the first to immerse themselves in the latest saga of the Halo gaming universe.

Today those fans can rejoice even further as multiple new Halo: Reach media is release today revealing all the goodness about the upcoming beta and what eager Halo fanatics can expect.

The first video from Inside Xbox discusses what beta participants will have access to such as a solo campaign, four multiplayer maps, player stats and much more.

Microsoft Confirms Halo: Reach's Three Options [Images/Video]

Seems like yesterday's leaked Best Buy ad was only a day premature. This morning Microsoft issued an official press release, complete with images, announcing the three flavours of Halo: Reach that will be available to games at game’s launch. Now confirmed are the Halo: Reach Standard, Limited and Legendary editions, complete with expanded and detailed information about what is include.

Microsoft and Bungie Offering 3 Ways To Get Your Hands On Halo: Reach.

According to a leaked Best Buy circular ad, Microsoft intends to offer Halo fans three different opportunities to pre-order Halo: Reach starting this Sunday.

Naturally you can expect the standard retail version for $60 which will just come with the game itself and maybe some cool Microsoft merchandise propaganda inserts as well.

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Video Footage

While we’re still a good two months away from going hands-on with the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, Bungie was kind enough to drop us a video early this morning showcasing some of the wide-variety of changes they’ve been making to their flagship franchise. It looks like they really weren’t kidding when they said they would be making changes and taking risks with this one.

X10 Spotlight: Halo: Reach

Yesterday marked the return of Microsoft’s Xbox Press Event “X” with this year’s “X10.” The show has been on hiatus since 2006, so with this being their first year back, a flood of information pertaining to the Xbox 360 was expected, and provided. New information, screenshots, box art, and videos were provided on a bunch of the star series for Xbox in the upcoming year. It seems like a great opportunity for us to sift through the piles, and piles of information to find the best of the new news and provide that to you in a series of spotlights on each of the featured games.

[Video] New details on Halo: Reach in commentary video

If you're interested in the latest breaking details of Halo: Reach or wish Ken Burns did a signature photo sliding documentary on the covenant war, you're in much luck. Bungie just released 7 minutes in heaven (6:45 technically) with creative director Marcus Lehto on the upcoming killer Xbox 360 app.

EB releases first official images of Halo Reach

It seems as though street dates aren’t all that EB Games is breaking these days. Just today they became the first place online to grab some screenshots of the upcoming Halo: Reach title. 

If you happened to pick up the latest issue of Game Informer, then you might have already seen some of these screens. But thankfully EB was nice enough to upload the screen captures to their site on the game information page. So, if you were looking forward to the first images of the next instalment of the Halo franchise then you needn’t wait any longer. 

More hype for the reveal of Halo Reach

Halo fans are easily some of the most dedicated fans in the world of gaming. And by dedicated I mean they’re usually such hardcore fans that they will buy anything with the word Halo on it and their hype level goes over 9,000 when details on a new Halo game are announced or hinted that.

I predict all Halo fans especially those looking forward to Halo Reach will be frothing at the mouth after they read the comments Geoff Keighley made about the game.

[Updated] Bootleg images of Halo Reach

It’s not unusual for images or video to leak of a game in beta but when it does happen it doesn’t happen like this.  A user on the MLG forums (that’s Major League Gaming for those not in the know) has posted several images from Halo Reach which shows off a few of the new weapons and more importantly the environments fans can expect to see from the latest installment of the Halo franchise. (UPDATE NOTE: MLG user stole the pics as he wasn't the original leak)

Big Smile Reviews: Halo 3 ODST Review

Diifii is back in his latest instalment of Big Smile Reviews. Find out what Diifii has to say about the latest Halo game from Bungie and Microsoft, Halo 3 ODST.

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