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Versus: Commander Sheppard vs. Master Chief

We here at Shogun Gamer are starting a new feature article that will be released weekly. It's called, Versus. It's kind of like a deadliest warrior for gamers. We give you two characters from the video game universe, put them down in an environment that we think would even the odds and let you, the readers, decide the outcome. Of course you may have trouble deciding when it comes down to the crucial finale. So we'll also put some info up on the characters that we've decided to put face to face in their fight to the death.

Speculation time: Bungie files new trademarks, possibly for their next project

We all know that the powerhouse studio that is Bungie is currently working on a few major projects. While we constantly hear that the studio is done making Halo games, we all know that sooner or later the studio is pulled in yet again to give us yet another prequel, sequel, side story to Halo – for better or worst. But what’s more interesting than the next story of Master Chief is Bungie’s new IP for Activision.

Halo: Reach [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

It's like all the pieces that Bungie has been building over the years finally came together. With all the options for changing the game that players are provided, this is a title that you could get YEARS of enjoyment out of.

The Pros: 

Best story from the Halo-verse yet. Most engaging characters so far. Unparalleled level of customization, both for games and characters. Addictive and fun gameplay. Most comprehensive Halo multiplayer ever. "Psych profile" feature actually pairs you with like-minded gamers!

The Cons: 

If you really truly find yourself needing more than what this game provides you are spoiled. This is the reason you can't have nice things. Rating : 

Though I’ve played through virtually every Halo title (I took a pass on Halo: Wars like three missions in but that doesn’t really even count right?) I’m not exactly what you’d call a “fan” of the series. Halo and I have had a bit of back and forth; some games tickled me while others left me feeling more than a little disappointed. Know that Bungie was stepping up to the plate for one last swing at gaming nirvana though; I knew Reach was going to be something special.

Halo: Reach's "Deliver Hope" Extended Live Action Trailer Debuts

Two weeks ago Microsoft released "Deliver Hope", a cinematic live action trailer worthy of any movie house's big screen.

Now exclusively courtesy of Machinima's You Tube channel, you can now check out the extended cut version of the trailer with new footage a day before it officially debuts. 

Noam Murro directed the live action trailer short and he also directed the first Halo: Reach live action trailer, "A Birth of a Spartan".

Epic New Live Action Trailer for Bungie's Halo: Reach

Microsoft unleashes an brand new epic live-action trailer for Bungie's Halo Reach that demands your viewing.

When I see this live-action trailer of this magnitude of awesomeness for Halo: Reach, I cant imagine why or when a movie will be done based on the Halo universe. I figure if an advertising agency manages to make Halo in live-action look so damn good then why the hell not Hollywood has already?

Halo: Reach Nets September 14th Release

Well it looks like Bungie fell a little shy of their previous predictions for the server load in the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta. In a press release issued earlier today they put forward the final tally. 2.7 million people “made history” with a “record-shattering” show of support for the title. Their original guesstimate was that there would be over 3 million people playing the game during the games run on Xbox Live. Though I do have to give them props for estimating so very close to the mark.

QuarterSave: To Reboot or Repeat, That is the Question EP34

It was a rather large week for the cast of QuarterSave this week, and the episode does run a little bit long. There were plenty of new things for us to play around with this week, with the release of the Split/Second demo, new Just Cause 2 DLC, and new Iron Man 2 game for the iPhone.  Add to that the fact that Bright Falls released and that we were at Vancouver’s midnight showing of Nightmare on Elm Street, and then hopefully you’ll see why we had so much to say! 

Welcome to the First Day of Halo: Reach Beta

Unless you've been visiting the moon the last couple of days, you know that the heavily anticipated Beta for Bungie's Halo: Reach was released to the public today.

All you need is a copy of Halo 3: ODST, a Gold subscription to Xbox Live and about 1.2 GB of free hard drive space to get into the mix.

Bungie and Activision team up for 10-year partnership (This isn't a joke)

In what could end up being the biggest surprise of the year, Activision has announced they’ve signed Bungie to a ten-year publishing deal. Yes, the makers of Halo have signed a deal with the devil, oops I mean Activision.  Details concerning the deal are still coming in but a few details have surfaced.  According to the deal, Activision will have the exclusive worldwide publishing and distribution rights to Bungie’s new IP.

Microsoft Releases Halo: Reach Beta Live Action Trailer [Update]

As with the tradition of Halo 3: ODST, Microsoft and Bungie releases the first live action trailer for Halo: Reach Beta called "Birth of a Spartan"

The trailer which you can view below is the short version and the extended version is expected to air this Thursday, April 29th. So make sure to check back then for an update on the extended Birth of a Spartan trailer here.

Extended trailer now available in lieu of short version.

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