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Tales from the Borderlands [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Telltale is the leading developer when it comes to crafting engaging, emotional, memorable, and now absolutely hysterical narratives with well-known franchises. Tales from the Borderlands is no different, as they've taken the very unique backdrop setting of Gearbox's games and crafted a compelling and immensely entertaining adventure with characters voiced to perfection that I hope to see again one day.

The Pros: 

+Constantly hysterical, especially finger-gun firefights
+Fantastic character development
+Top notch soundtrack and voice acting

The Cons: 

-The original wait between episode releases
-Some choices don't seem to really matter in the end
-It ends Rating : 

One would think that turning the popular shooter Borderlands into a narrative focused adventure with no shooting at all (aside from some amazing pretend finger-gun shootouts) would be asinine. Borderlands has always been about using millions of guns, shooting bandits and psychos, and converting that into a story driven title seems as it was going to be an immense challenge for Telltale.

The Name Game

In the realm of video games (our realm) there are a lot of things with titles. There isn’t always a hidden message in the name, but sometimes there are great stories, an ode or even just a creation of identity. Set on a journey to explore these instances and bring them to light, I intended on creating a small portfolio of video game names and their possible hidden agendas. What grew from the idea was a full-blown exploration into the science and ideas behind anything with a name or title in this industry.

Want to try out Duke Nukem Forever? Then maybe you should pick up Borderlands

2K Games is doing some cross franchise synergy with today’s announcement concerning Borderlands and the eagerly awaited Duke Nukem Forever.  As most of you know, Borderlands was developed by the talented folks at Gearbox and Duke Nukem Forever is the next project Gearbox is undertaking. So what better way to take advantage of this than allow gamers early access to a DNF demo if they pick up the latest Borderlands release?

Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution offers a bittersweet
goodbye to a well enjoyed game that delivers the usual dose of offbeat humor mixed in with hours of treasure hunter's fun.

The Pros: 

New areas to explore, wacky Claptrap humor, weapon looting never gets old.

The Cons: 

Should had more new original enemies rather than re-using most of the previous enemies, a reminder of how tedious this game can get when playing single player only, really short play-through. Rating : 

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC is Borderlands' swan song and as nice it would had been to say that the game closes out with a bang, it doesn't but come pretty damn close. The last DLC brings us back to Pandora and stars the one wheeled comedians known as Claptraps.

Xbox Live Marketplace updates for week of: 9/21/10

Xbox Live Marketplace updates for the week of: 9/21/10
Xbox Live Arcade:

New screens of Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Last month we got our first details on the next Borderlands DLC pack – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.  Revolving around warring mechanical factions, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution promises to have the same Borderlands mayhem fans would expect from the franchise along with the added zaniness.

Gearbox Confirms The Fourth DLC Pack for Borderlands

Gearbox finally confirms the suspected leaked fourth DLC installment for Borderlands that will be called "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution".

The new expansion pack will feature a Claptrap civil war between dueling mechanical factions. On one side you have the Hyperion Corporation's steel army and on the other side you have the mysterious CL4P-TP Interplantery Ninja Assassin and his legion of followers.

The new Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC will be available to download at some point in September on the PSN, Xbox Live Marketplace and PC for $10 or 800 Microsoft Points.

New Borderlands DLC May Have Been Exposed Within the Latest Update.

Thanks to a recent title update for Gearbox's awesome FPS Borderlands, information for the next possible DLC was discovered within the patch and was revealed on Gearbox website's forums.

According to the folder within the update, the next downloadable expansion pack for Borderlands will apparently involve the Claptraps revolting against the Vault Hunters led by no other than the mysterious Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap that was seen during the ending of the game's main storyline mission.

NECA announces toys for Splinter Cell and Borderlands

With the New York Toy Fair now underway, toy manufacturer and maker of all things awesome Neca has announced via their Twitter that they will be expanding their current roster of video game properties.  NECA has already done figures for such big franchises such as God of War, Gears of War and BioShock but now the company will be making figures for Borderlands, Splinter Cell and BioShock 2.

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