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Top Pranks of April Fools 2010

Ah, April first. Truly one of the greatest calendar dates of the year. There’s nothing like seeing what those out in the gaming industry come up with. There’s a long seeded tradition of the industry playing practical jokes on their loyal viewership, and consumers directly. Some of the jokes are hilarious, some miss, and some make us sad that they are just jokes. 

More Starcraft 2 action in this new Battle Report video

To be honest I'm totally clueless when it comes to Starcraft. Besides attempting to play it at a PC lounge after a 12 hour all nighter I never tried the insanely popular RTS game.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm not much of a PC and RTS gamer but I never really felt compelled to play the game.

Blizzard dashes hopes of World of Starcraft.

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A long, long time ago Blizzard dropped an MMO which would eventually go on to reshape and define online gaming for the majority of “mamorpagamers”.  World of Warcraft all these many years later is still pulling in unfathomable sales figures, with an absolutely disgusting install base.

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