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Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two Arriving On PS Vita. Why Is This Happening?

Likely ending up to be the most befuddling announcement made this year, barring of course we get another $599 moment from Sony, Disney has revealed that Epic Mickey is once again returning. 

Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two Hands-On [E3 2012]

When a sequel comes along the usual sentiments or desires from gamers is that they want a bigger and better experience with a host of new features and refinements. Most of the time we receive sequels that fulfill such a thing and once in a blue moon we get a sequel that is so bad that we immediately lose all faith in such a way that it can never be restored.  

It's Time To Put Your Swimming Trunks On: The Michael Phelps Video Game is Revealed

Way back in 2008, Michael Phelps (the chap that won a crapload of Gold medals in swimming) revealed that amongst the many sponsorships and projects he was working on that he also signed with an unnamed company to release a video game.  Amongst the sports that are out there, I really don’t think anyone was overly excited or had an immense yearning for a game based on swimming. The sport may be taxing on the body and the skill required should no doubt be recognized, but swimming really doesn’t have what it takes to be an entertaining video game as it could merely to button mashing.

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