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Blind Wink Productions

Another Hollywood Figure Bails Out Of The Games Industry

Yet another endeavor in the video game space by a prominent figure from Hollywood has resulted in nothing, thus showing once again that not everyone is suited to work in the world of video games.  Keen followers of the video game industry may remember a while back ago prominent Hollywood film producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced that he was venturing into the video game arena.

Pirates of the Caribbean Director Set To Make Games For Microsoft

The connection between Hollywood and the world of video games may not be perfect just yet, in either medium, but it’s still growing based on this new tidbit of news.  After giving us some simple yet stylish blockbuster popcorn movies over the past few years, director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) is making the jump to video games.  Verbinski’s company Blind Wink Productions will be making the leap to digital entertainment as the studio has signed a deal to produce games for Microsoft platforms – which of course includes the Xbox 360.

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