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Bizarre Creations

Former Bizarre Creations Veteran Joins Motorstorm Developer

This may not be huge news for the world of gaming, but it should put a huge smile on the faces of those who enjoy arcade racing games.  Former Project Gotham Racing Lead Designer Ged Talbot has found a new home with Evolution Studios, the firm that’s best known for bringing intense off-road racing to the PS3 in the Motorstorm franchise.

Out Of The Ashes Of Bizarre Creations Comes The Creation of Lucid Games

It was a mere two weeks ago that Bizarre Creations officially closed their doors.  After releasing a string of games that didn’t do terribly well at retail or achieved the much sought after Metacritic requirements, the studio was shuttered by Activision.  Part of why Bizarre Creations closed rested on the shoulders of the studio as things were apparently mismanaged a lot to the point where everyone involved knew that the eventual outcome for the studio wouldn’t be good.  Of course the other big reason BC closed was because Activision doesn’t have a problem cutting ties i

Activision officially puts Bizarre Creations up on the chopping block

In November Activision announced their latest “brilliant” decision: they were going to either close down the U.K based Bizarre Creations or sell the company to a potential suitor.  This news was rather troubling for a few reasons, the biggest of which was that once again Activision was making a rather bone headed move that was meant to help raise their overall net profit instead of contributing to a loss.  It’s fine for a company to make some adjustments so

James Bond shows off his rougher side in this new combat video

James Bond is a man of action. Being a spy and all such a thing is to be expected, but with Bond he always rises for the occasion and in most instances surpasses the norm. Unlike spies who stick to the shadows or go in guns blazing, Bond is a man whose skills are versatile. Yeah, every now and then Bond is known to blow a few things up or do three headshots back-to-back, but he also has hand-to-hand combat skills that would rival Naked Snake if this new trailer is indicative of what we can expect.

A behind the scenes look of James Bond 007: Blood Stone [Video]

As I’ve stated earlier, I’m still slightly befuddled over the lack of hype concerning James Bond 007: Blood Stone. 007’s latest video game mission may be published by Activision, but that doesn’t mean its quick cash-in or is merely a Call of Duty clone like Quantum of Solace was.  So far what we’ve seen of Blood Stone looks rather polished and in a way is a spiritual successor to EA’s 007 game Everything or Nothing aka the best James Bond game ever made.

New James Bond: Blood Stone trailer shows 007 kicking ass in style

Believe it or not there’s a new James Bond game coming out in less than two months.  It’s definitely a bit odd that so far 007’s latest gaming venture hasn’t exactly garnered the usual hype of past games, whether it’s just the standard anticipation or the pointless comparisons toward the much lauded about GoldenEye for the N64.  But come early November Activision will be giving gamers James Bond: Blood Stone, an entirely original James Bond adventure featuring Daniel Craig as the world’s top secret agent.

First details on the next James Bond game

Awhile back we got a few tidbits on an upcoming James Bond game titled James Bond: Blood Stone. While nothing more than a retailer listing was available, it was believed that this was the 007 racing game that developer Bizarre Creations was working on. Many (myself included) also thought that this would be the 007 game to feature actor Adam Croasdell who publicly revealed that he voiced 007 in an upcoming game.  Well today we’ve finally been briefed on 007’s latest mission and it sounds quite awesome.

Blur [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Gameplay inspired by titles from Bizarre's past, Geometry Wars and Project Gotham racing, as well as Mario Kart and Call of Duty build a unique blend that contribute to a wholly different style of racing action

The Pros: 

Addictive, intense multiplayer action. Bright, vivid, colorful graphics. Unique and dual-purpose weaponry that can be used defensively as well as offensively.

The Cons: 

Single-player campaign doesn't hold attention for too long. The "story" mode of the game deviates a little too much and too often the core of the game, combat racing. Rating : 

The last couple of weeks have brought about a small resurgence to the action-racing genre. First we had the release of Split/Second from Disney Interactive, and now Bizarre Creation’s Blur. Following the development of each of these games individually it never felt like it would be a competition to me where only one title could be the victor. Each is unique enough, and specialized in its own way, that I feel comfortable with these being very different and separate experiences with their own focus.

New Blur Demo Update and Multiplayer Trailer

Activision releases a new Multiplayer trailer and a final demo update for Bizarre Creations' smash 'em up racer Blur to coincide with their announcement of over one million gamers downloading the demo.

The final update will contain two races, Tokyo and Amboy, in the Supercar Racing circuit. Also included will be the ability to race with A-Class cars, earned fans will be doubled and power-up placements will be shifted differently in each race.

The demo is scheduled to remain live until May 10, 2am PST.

New Blur Trailer Hits The Road

If you have a Xbox 360 console then you are one of the lucky ones to be getting an early first hand taste of Blur awesomeness.

Blur is the upcoming street style car racer from Bizarre Creations and Activision Blizzard that promises to deliver hours of sweet street speedway mayhem.

The latest trailer below details various race locations, track environments, car types and  modifications straight from some of the game's developers.


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