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BioShock Infinite

Introducing BioShock Infinite's Handyman

Today we got the second instalment in the BioShock Infinite preview series Heavy Hitters. Ken Levine and the team at Irrational Games introduced us to the second adversary you will encounter, The Handyman.

TL;DR - Mar 9 - Durango, SteamBox, Heavy Hitters

First of all, I have to throw out an apology for not getting around to a TL;DR yesterday. Due to an unforeseen migraine I had to 1) bail out of a party early, and 2) bail out of working. Sadface. Anyways! We’re back tonight, and I’ve got a couple of stories that caught my eye that I wanted to share: Microsoft’s next console doesn’t have a disc-drive, Valve confirms the SteamBox is NOT a thing… yet, and BioShock Infinite reveals their new mid-tier bosses the ‘heavy hitters.’


A Release Date Is Announced For The Epic Journey That Is BioShock Infinite

Today we have received the release date for one of the big Fall 2012 titles which will likely take a good chunk out of our bank accounts and subsequently out of any social interaction we may have.  As previously promised, 2K Games and Irrational Games will be releasing BioShock Infinite this Fall on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.  The somewhat of a prequel/somewhat of an original entity that is BioShock Infinite will be available to gamers in North America on October 16th while everyone else will receive it on October 19th.

2K Games Does Some Developer Swapping With XCOM and BioShock Infinite

Some interesting new has arisen concerning two key releases 2K Games has in store for gamers next year: the XCOM revival and the long awaited quasi prequel that is BioShock Infinite.  Now for the most part gamers already know the low down about both games aside from the obvious things like how both titles are stylized FPS experiences.  

New BioShock Infinite Trailer Provides Info on Columbia

A new trailer titled Fractions at War was released today for BioShock Infinite, giving us some history on the new sky-world, Columbia.

Shogun Gamer News Wrap-up: Sept. 20 - Sept. 24

Compared to the news mega week that we had last week due to TGS 2010, this week was really slow on the news front.  As always a few interesting rumors, trailers and tidbits came forth, but aside from that not much else happened. I guess everyone is collectively trying to recoup after TGS before all our minds melt due to the impending influx of Holiday video game releases.

BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video First Look

When 2K games announced their newest project, BioShock Infinite, I was so excited that I used LSD for the first time to see if it could match the euphoria that I was feeling for this new game. Sadly it didn't.

Aaah the spiders are back!

BioShock Infinite takes place during the year 1912 and the story unfolds aboard a magnificent city in the sky called "Columbia". Basically the game appears to be somewhat of a prequel to the first 2 BioShocks but only time will tell if these two universes will actually have some connection to each other.

BioShock Infinite gameplay footage set to debut soon

For being a game that isn’t set for release until 2012, there’s a lot of hype going on for BioShock Infinite. Of course such a thing is to be expected, but I’m just surprised at how much media and general info we’ve gotten on the game thus far.  It’s definitely nice to have a publisher be so forthcoming on a project at an early stage, but I’m wondering if all this info is coming to us too soon.

QuarterSave: The Japanese Edition EP48

Well, it’s become wildly apparent that Summer is in full effect in the QuarterSave studios. To try and quell the effects of the heat Corey and I enjoy some Japanese beer while reminiscing about the day full of events we enjoyed at Vancouver’s Anime Evolution convention. Of course that wasn’t the only news of the week though. This week saw plenty of action, and we picked out three of our top stories to discuss: Moral Kombat, Bioshock Infinite, and Sony Ericson’s move to handheld gaming.

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