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RAGE First Look [E3 2010]

The technology behind RAGE has been talked about for some time now. It wasn’t until just today though that we got to have a first-hand look at just what is behind all the hype that Bethesda and id Software has been pushing over the last few months. Behind the game is a new proprietary tech called id Tech 5. Those unfamiliar with the id Tech series of advancements should know that all the other games currently in development (Brink) run on id Tech 4.

Bethesda Denies Brink Release Date

Earlier in the week I got a bit excited about the announcement of a joint contest between Bethesda and GameStop promoting the upcoming release of Brink for PS3/360/PC. Unfortunately Bethesda has since then stepped up to deny that September 7th is going to be the final launch date. Instead they provided clarification that they are launching in “Fall of 2010.”

Brink Gets Release Date and Sweepstakes

It looks as though Gamestop is once more the place to find out about release dates before a publisher bothers to announce it. Bethesda and Gamestop have teamed up to put forward a sweepstakes for the upcoming FPS “Brink.” According to the contest details (confirmed on the game page) the game will be releasing on September 7th 2010.

News screens from the impressive looking Brink

Last month we saw an in-depth video showcasing the character customization system of Brink, the new fps from Splash Damage that kind of looks like a hybrid of Mirror’s Edge and TimeSplitters. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the game but after seeing the unique traversal mechanics it offers via its “SMART” system I’m pretty much sold on the project.

First Look of Fallout: New Vegas with new Teaser Trailer

Fallout 3 was on the top of almost everyone’s list back in 2008. It is an astonishingly well put together game which eradicated all the concerns that most people felt about the game switching development teams and being thrust into a first-person setting. With the success of the series, there was inevitably the announcement of a sequel to follow. Today we get our first look at Bethesda/Obsidian’s follow up to the 2008 smash-hit in the form of New Vegas’ first teaser trailer.

Find out why Fallout 3 DLC took so long to reach PS3. Had nothing to do with exclusivity deal.

In a piece of great news for all Fallout 3 fans, Bethesda has just announced that not only are they releasing two new expansions for the incrediably popular Fallout 3 franchise, they're intending to port over all their Fallout 3 expansions over to the PS3.  This will start with the Operation: Anchorage expansion in the Playstation Store this June, with The Pitt following 4-6 weeks after Operation:Anchorage and each expansion being spaced about the same length of time apart. 

Bethesda to develop a "big" Wii game

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The Wii is having quite a year so far with a bevy of interesting 3rd party games like Sega’s Madworld, the upcoming Indiana Jones game and the recently announced North American release of Capcom’s Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Things are of course going to get better for Wii owners with E3 being less than 2 weeks away and there's bound to be a quite a few unannounced heavy hitting games, both on the first and third party fronts.

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