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Prey 2 Looks Rather Dark And Alien In These New Screens

Today brings us more screens of Prey 2 for gamers to either get hyped about or become massively disappointed over.  So far Bethesda and developer Human Head Studios have kept everything close to their chests in regard to the new vision and direction the Prey franchise is taking.  We have received boat load of details on the game (open-world environment, emphasis on platforming, customizable weapons/abilities) but the vision and overall style of Prey 2 has only been shown in some simple screen

Prey 2 Concept Art Shows Us A Massive Alien World

I don’t know if the entire racket over Prey 2 has died down yet or if the core community of the series is so small that the tears shed by fans essentially represents %5 of the audience Bethesda is targeting. Prey 2 may have undergone a slew of changes (new protagonist, new setting, more of a dudebro vibe) but developer Human Head Studios has promised gamers a FPS that evokes shades of Blade Runner all while injecting some visceral action into a genre that is all but on the verge of being dried out.

New Brink Trailer Wants To Know If You Are Ready and Able

Latest trailer for Brink drops in on us and wants to know if we are ready and able to survive the upcoming revolution on the Ark.

The new trailer showcases some of the many different abilities that will be at your disposal to utilize in your struggle against your foes. Whether its hacking or healing your own ass, there will be a wide spectrum of skills available for you to use as you select your path to be part of the Resistance or the Security Force.

Elder Scrolls 5 New Menu Details Emerge

A couple of days ago Bethesda showed off their new Elder Scrolls menu revamp to Game Informer. Yes we all know menus are the most essential part to any RPG since you need some way to go through your inventory, stats, quest logs, world maps, city maps, and mini maps. The menus are more important in RPG's than they are in any other gaming genre. I'm thinking you've never thought about it till right now? Am I right? Of course I am.

ShogunGamer's Most Anticipated Games of 2011

Well everyone 2011 is here which means new games are right around the corner. I know some of the good ones are already out. Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 for the PS3, LittlebigPlanet 2, so on and so much to talk about! But there are still so many more games to look forward to this year we thought it would be good for, not just us, but you too, if we wrote a most anticipated article for you to read. I mean why not this year is going to be a great year for games! Hell it sure can be worse than last years three good games we got.

Latest Brink Trailer Introduces a 'Choir of Guns'

Incase anyone was wondering, Brink is still on its way. Determined to be one of the best of show at last year’s E3 for the Shogun Gamer staff, Brink is a beautiful love-child of Borderlands and Mirror’s Edge that I’ve been personally anticipating since it was first announced.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim's new engine details emerge

The upcoming addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise is going to feature Bethesda's greatest graphics engine yet. But does that mean that the engine is going to be any good at all? Bethesda's Tom Howard spoke to Game Informer about their newest graphics engine and it seems like they are adding in some features that Fantasy RPG nerds (like myself) will enjoy immensely.

New Brink Developer Video Diary: Endless Horizon

Latest developer video diary for Splash Damage's Brink discusses the game's vibrant and colorful art design ranging from the game's many unique designed characters and environments by Brink's main designer Olivier Leonardi.

Fallout: New Vegas gets a star studded voice cast

When the epic post-apocalyptic action of Fallout: New Vegas hits later this year, a few voices of the various characters inhabiting the world may sound a bit familiar if you have a sharp ear.  Today Bethesda has revealed that New Vegas will have a voice cast that not only consists of a few familiar veterans, but will also have some popular names attached to it as well.

Brink Hands-on [E3 2010]

Ever since Bethesda first showed off the concept of Brink I’ve been on-board in a big way. The game comes across at first glance as a merger of games like Mirror’s Edge, Borderlands, and Team Fortress with the customization of a Mass Effect. Everything shown in the trailers looked too good to be true, but I help out with hope against hope that the game would merge all these amazing concepts into one complete package that I would marry and grow old with.

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