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Early details on Batman: Arkham City

Last week it was like Christmas came early as Game Informer announced they had the world exclusive on Batman: Arkham City. With only an official logo and two pieces of Game Informer cover art, the video game community was instantly abuzz with hype and anticipation over what the next adventure of the Dark Knight would include. Now the first of presumably many details have finally come forth concerning Arkham City.

First image/tease of Batman: Arkham City

To some it was a massive disappointment that we didn’t any new info on Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 at E3 or at the San Diego Comic Con.  Aside from the Spike VGA reveal and a few character reveals via voice actors, and some interesting domain registrations, we’ve haven’t gotten a peep as to the next adventure of the Dark Knight.

Warner Brothers Interactive acquires Batman developer Rocksteady

It shouldn’t come as that much if a surprise considering they’ve taken over the publishing rights of Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, but today Warner Brothers has announced that they’ve bought a majority stake in developer Rocksteady.  The small UK developer who wowed us last year with the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum will now join Warner Brother Interactive’s stable of developers which includes Midway and TT Games.

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