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Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Origins [REVIEW]

Overall Feeling: 

The prequel to Rocksteady's ace series, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, arrives to an overwhelming amount of expectations. So it's really no surprise that Arkham Origins doesn't quite live up to them all. WB Games has everything needed you think would add up to a great success for this franchise. All of Gotham is now open to explore, the enemy roster has never been deeper, and the animations and combat flow with such a graceful ease that it will be hard to go back to any other combat system ever again. However, something feels off. The exploration of the city doesn't feel as fluid, the story comes across as lacking compared to the previous games, and the worst of it, Arkham Origins is plagued with glitches. There is a lot of good to experience here, just know that you could always be replaying Arkham City, and probably having a better time in doing so.

The Pros: 

+ Combat feels better than ever.
+ The Animations are spot on.
+ Enemy roster is fantastic.
+ Voice acting (even though missing fan favorites) is solid.

The Cons: 

- Free roaming across the city feels clumsy.
- Story feels less important than it actually is.
- Sometimes suffers from game breaking glitches. Rating : 

Five years before Batman had his troubles with the inmates of Arkham Asylum, when he was only a couple years into donning the cowl and terrorizing the streets of Gotham, he had one very bad Christmas Eve. A night full of assassins trying to kill him, new enemies popping up all over Gotham, and one terrible nuisance that plagues him with riddles and challenges all over the damn city. This brings us to Batman: Arkham Origins.

Rumors Surface For Batman: Arkham Origins (Grain of Salt Time)

Holy contradictory news Batman!  Some interesting details have arisen concerning the future of the Batman: Arkham video game franchise that could be legit or simply a case of wires being crossed. 

New Batman Arkham Game Scheduled For 2013, Potential Developer Swtich Inbound [Rumor]

This may be a case of shocking and not so shocking news, but the Batman Arkham series is poised for a return once again.  After the release of Batman: Arkham City in 2011, gamers eagerly anticipated the continuation of the series, even given the shocking ending, and now they’ll receive their wish but there could be a catch to it.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Scribe Paul Dini Won't Be Returning For Future Rocksteady Games

It’s unknown what developer Rocksteady will deliver to us next in the wake of Batman: Arkham City, but one thing that is sure is that writer Paul Dini won’t be a part of it.  The driving force behind the classic 1990s Batman animated series and general scribe all other such awesome Batman material will be absent from future Batman games developed by Rocksteady.

Batman Could Be Poised For A Radical Video Game Departure

This week brings us the always glorious event that is the San Diego Comic Con. Filled with comic book goodness and our first look at major films that get our blood pumping and in some cases make our hearts flutter, the SDCC is simply an awesome event that over the years has grown to become more game centric.  While not becoming as major as other tradeshows such as E3 or even PAX Prime, the SDCC does bring its fair share of video game goodies, one of which may be the announcement of a new Batman game.

Harley Gets Revenge In Arkham City: Game Of The Year Edition

We heard speculation of new Batman: Arkham City downloadable content earlier this month when Trophies were added to the games list. Not only did we get confirmation of the DLC today, but also the announcement of the Game of the Year Edition.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge will be the final chapter in Arkham City, adding two hours of fresh gameplay to the title. The DLC will plunge players back in the prison island, where they will interchange between Batman and Robin. Poor Harley!

NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat) Is Making A Batman Game

As promised, the teases made by Ed Boon a few weeks ago are finally coming to fruition albeit in a somewhat unexpected fashion. As some of you may remember, Ed Boon took to his Twitter account just before Thanksgiving to tease three big announcements NetherRealm had in the works.  One of those announcements has somewhat left the bag already, a MK based game for the PlayStation Vita, and now another one has been released.

Batman: Arkham City [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The fact of the matter is that if you haven’t played the original Arkham Asylum, you missed out. If you did, you probably already own this game, and might have even wrapped it before me. Either way, this is a stellar title that absolutely everyone should have to play to continue holding the title “gamer,” “geek,” “nerd,” or even “Batman Fan.” 

The Pros: 

+Improved free-flow combat system.

+Enhanced 'side-quest' system, featuring all of Gotham's fave villains.

+Bigger, badder world of Batman to explore.

+One of the single most impressive Batman stories of any medium, ever. 

+Awesome new gadgets that change-up the combat and stealth.

+Everything in the game has a purpose, time-line and consiquence, making even mundane collecting tasks become 'life or death' situations.

The Cons: 

-Review scales simply don't go high enough to represent this game accurately. Rating : 

It would probably be a little bit of an understatement to say that Rocksteady had a bit of a high bar to hurdle, expectations wise, when they decided to release a sequel to Arkham Asylum. It was a game that was heralded by many game critics as the best of the superhero (and for Batman I do use that term loosely) genre. Beyond that it was considered to be one of the best games of 2009, winning all kinds of awards on all kinds of gaming enthusiast sites, including a game of the year nod from Shogun Gamer.

Catwoman Segments In Batman: Arkham City Require An Online Pass

Next Tuesday is going to be a special day for gamers since Batman: Arkham City is finally going to be available at retail. For the last two years everyone has anticipated the return of the Dark Knight and from what I’ve heard Rocksteady has once again delivered what is considered to be the best superhero/licensed/comic book game ever created.  I’m sure Batman: Arkham City will have a few minor points of contention here and there (supposedly the boss encounters leave a bit to be desired), but everything was shaping up to be nearly flawless – that is until now.

WB Games Announces First Wave of DLC For Batman: Arkham City

It’s not coming out until next week but the DLC roster for Batman: Arkham City is already extensive and is now finally being detailed.  For the past few months we’ve caught wind at various bonus costumes that the caped crusader and his ally Robin will be able to wear in the game, but now WB Games have formally announced the first series of what will presumably be many DLC packs for Batman: Arkham City.

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