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Avengers: Battle For Earth

Heroes and Villains Go At It Again In This New Trailer For Avengers: Battle for Earth

Chances are there are a bunch of people still amped over The Avengers and are likely counting down the days until the movie is released on Blu-ray next month, including Shogun’s very own Casey White. As a superhero movie The Avengers was pretty kick ass and I’ll even be upfront in saying that I did prefer it ever so slightly compared to The Dark Knight Rises.  Since comic book and video game fans are still yearning for some Avengers action in lieu of waiting three more years for the sequel to come out, then perhaps Ubisoft’s upcoming Avengers based brawler will satisfy that need.

Ubisoft E3 2012 Confrence Recap & Impressions

After experiencing the awkward 2011 E3 showing from Ubisoft (the one where they announced they invented laser tag), I wasn’t really sure what to expect from them this year. What Ubisoft ended up delivering was a streamlined presentation that catered directly to its core E3 audience.

The Avengers May Receive A Video Game After All

By now most of you out there have already seen the amazing film that is The Avengers. I myself haven’t checked it out just yet, but from what I’ve heard the movie is pretty much a masterpiece not only when looked upon as a comic book movie but as a general action/Hollywood blockbuster flick.  

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