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Pokemon GO - The End of Pokemon As We Know It

Two words: Pokemon GO.

If that didn't shoot a spike of endorphins into your brain then chances are you don't know what Pokemon GO is yet. Pokemon GO is the MMO Pokemon fanatics have been waiting for since the advent of the massive multiplayer online genre. As if that wasn't amazing enough, Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game that will be available...


Sony Offers A Glimpse Into The Future Of AR Gaming [GDC 2012]

Video games have come a long way in the last few years with the graphics and ways we play games being vastly different compared to a mere eight or ten years ago.  At this point it may have seemed like there wasn’t much farther video games could go since at some point all the consoles will be capable of the same graphics with only minimal differences being present.

See The Augmented Reality Chat Of The PlayStation Vita In Action [Video]

Since the PlayStation Vita isn’t being aimed at one direct audience while shunning others (the PSP went from being a device for businessmen/adults but then back-peddled and became a kids machine), Sony is creating some features which will please a wide array of people.  So far there’s some cool stuff in the pipeline for the PS Vita like the Near online feature and some unique profile/Trophy set-ups which we could very well see in the next iteration of the PlayStation home console.

New Augmented Reality Demo From Sony Offers A Glimpse At Potential NGP Applications

Along with the ever growing crazed of 3D based gaming, we’ve been witnessing a slow but steady increase in the realm of augmented reality gaming.  Even outside the world of video games we’ve seen augmented reality features almost become a common trend as toys and various ARG campaigns have utilized different variations of augmented reality tech and interaction.  Nintendo has made a nice splash with the augmented reality features of the Nintendo 3DS which not only can be used to enjoy small mini-games but also create

People Create A Giant AR Mii Merely Because They Can [Video]

The 3DS may be finally coming out for gamers in North America this Sunday, but the device has been out for well over a month in Japan. Yes, the Japanese peeps always get the cool stuff first and it sucks. But hey, there’s not too much you can do about that so we just need to accept the pieces of exclusive goodness we get every now and then.  Seeing as how the 3DS has been in Japan for so long, the inventive chaps have created something very cool, well at least in the slight WTF factor it offers.

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