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Navigating Nostalgia - Persona 3 Portable

Nostalgia is a funny thing. It warps our memories, clouds our judgments, and alters our perceptions. Nowhere does nostalgia hit many of us harder than with classic games. When we think back to the games we played as a child, we often see them with crisp graphics, tight controls, and unsurpassed soundtracks, when in reality they were blurry, incoherent messes with clumsy controls. Though we remember these games as being the epitome of fun, our fun was just the result of much lower standards.

Code of Princess [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Code of Princess tries very hard to recapture the spirit and charm of its spiritual predecessor, Guardian Heroes, but ultimately fails to provide the same fast-paced, tight experience that it tries to emulate. There are rumblings of a greater game underneath the sluggish, frustrating combat that Code of Princess provides, but these never quite resonate, and remain buried under poor design choices.

The Pros: 

+ Fun, quirky characters

+ Robust combat system with a lot of room for personalized combos

The Cons: 

- Action feels sluggish and unrewarding

- Grinding is necessary to come close to scratching the game’s harder encounters

- Visuals are stunning up close, but drop in quality drastically when more than three enemies appear on-screen Rating : 

A legacy is a double-edged sword. For a game with a great legacy, there’s a good chance that gamers will be into your concept based solely on a name drop. Conversely, if your game isn’t a worthy successor to a beloved classic, chances are it’ll get more flak than a bomber flying over France circa WWII.

Trine 2 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Trine 2's simple concepts, easy controls, goregous graphics and quirky humor provide that 'fun for all ages' feeling that is often refered to on the back of the box, but rarely ever captures.

The Pros: 

+Beautiful art work.

+Quirky sense of humor.

+Great use of co-op

+'Short and sweet' story campaign.

The Cons: 

-Playing in multiplayer, only Player 1 can purchase upgrades for his team. Rating : 

While the site went in a bit of a ‘black out’ mode over the holiday seasons, believe it or not, video games continued to be released. One of them was a game that I was eagerly anticipating, but didn’t manage to get around to until the new year.

North American Deluxe Edition Of Catherine Trumps Its Japanese Counterpart

The fact that Catherine is coming out in North America is a huge victory for gamers, or at least those gamers who enjoy adult centric games compared to the mainstream piles of mediocrity that we often see.  Atlus seems to know that it has a potential hit on its hands and they’re going all out with the North American release of Catherine since we’re getting the Catherine Deluxe Edition.

Catherine Could Become Atlus' Next Big Franchise

A game that has turned out to be a huge surprise of sorts is the adult centric adventure game Catherine from Atlus.  Released earlier this year in Japan, Catherine showed that gamers are indeed interested in playing games that have a slightly serious nature to them since the game is all about relationships and fear of commitment.  Well that’s either the reason gamers played the game or it was because they were keen to see the gorgeous visuals and perhaps see a bit of risqué content in the process.  But Catherine as a whole has been a resounding success in Japan thus far as it

Pre-Order Bonus For Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Revealed

Back in 2010 CDV Software released Divinity II: Ego Draconis an action-RPG in which you play a Dragon Knight who can transform into a dragon at will to lukewarm reviews. 

A year later Atlus is ready to re-release the game with some overhauls and is now called Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga. The remastered game will now feature an improved and overhauled graphic engine that will enhance the original game's looks.

North American Gamers Can Experience The Battle of Love and Nightmares In Catherine This Summer

For once gamers in the West aren’t getting screwed out of a quality Japanese game as Atlus has announced that their adult centric adventure game Catherine will be released in North America this Summer.  After proving to be a huge hit in Japan (Catherine beat Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in the sales charts), Catherine could make an equally surprising debut once it’s available for the gamers who have been waiting for the title since it was announced last year.

Time to get excited: Catherine demo hitting the PSN and XBL soon

Ever since last Summer we’ve been teased by Catherine.  The game has gotten quite a lot of hype in the past year since the game boasts a rather unique art style and a plot that revolves around relationships and commitment as opposed to slaying a bunch of aliens or rescuing a kingdom from a maniacal warlord.  In a way, gamers have been fritting over Catherine just like Vincent, the main character in the game. We’re all enamored by Catherine but we know next to nothing about her and don’t know if she’s truly the perfect package.

Battle of the Crusades + the supernatural = The Cursed Crusade [Video]

Publisher/developer Atlus is mostly known for releasing RPG games or generally weird/kitsch stuff like the upcoming adventure game Catherine.

Yet another surreal Catherine video is bestowed upon us

After waiting for five months we finally got some gameplay footage of Catherine, the quasi adventure game/interactive anime experience that’s being tailored strictly for the mature gamers out there.  The game has gotten an innumerable amount of buzz since it was unveiled last Summer, most of which can be attributed to the lineage of the studios involved (Atlus’ Persona team, animation company Studio 4C) and because it involves a man trying to find happiness while not be stalked by his

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