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Asura's Wrath

The Beauty and Action Of Asura's Wrath Is On Display In This New Video

Gamers haven’t yet seen the full extent of the beautiful classical and sci-fi design elements that are offered in Asura’s Wrath, the new action game from Capcom and CyberConnect 2. Inspired by manga’s, Asura’s Wrath is one of those games that seems like it doesn’t give a crap about anything as far as maintaining industry norms or simply offering a design aesthetic that is “safe”.  Intent on telling a grand tale that takes place in the future and revolves around warring gods, Asura’s Wrath has the potential to be the first truly badass game of 2012 and this new trailer shows us why.

Capcom Reveals Somewhat Lackluster Asura's Wrath Pre-Order Bonuses

Capcom has announced some pre-order incentives for their upcoming action romp Asura’s Wrath, you know since all gamers love having pieces of content doled out between different retailers only to be sold later for $2-$5 a pop.  Slightly pessimistic attitude aside, some of the pre-order goodies for Asura’s Wrath do sound a bit suspicious in nature – almost mirroring the situation gamers went through last week which found Capcom selling what were effectively cheat codes for Dead Rising 2.  

Asura's Wrath Gets Double The Action With A New Character

Asura’s Wrath is shaping up to be a well-executed action romp that in a way makes no bones about how over-the-top it is.  Having played the game recently at PAX Prime 2011 I walked away from Asura’s Wrath more intrigued about the title yet I wondered if it would be a bit too shallow in some areas.  Beating the crap out of huge deities as a character with six arms is definitely something that I’ve never done before in gaming, but I was worried Asura’s Wrath wouldn’t have a whole lot of depth to it.

Asura's Wrath Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

As much as it pains me to say, we haven’t exactly gotten a good amount of new IPs, or at least those that turn out to either be good or somewhat warranted.  Given the financial hardships involved in developing a proper HD game these days, some developers may not be inclined to spend $20-30 million on a new IP only for it to go the dreaded Heavenly Sword route and only live on in the minds of gamers as a complete joke, albeit one that’s pretty to look at.  Capcom may have made some bad moves this generation concerning their properties (I don’t think the DmC fiasco will ever die dow

Asura's Wrath Goes All Sci-Fi On Us In This New Gameplay Video

If there was one thing that I’m disappointed about it’s that I didn’t get a chance to play Asura’s Wrath at E3 last month.  At first I didn’t notice the game was at Capcom’s booth but apparently it was one of the many games that was playable yet I didn’t see it until after E3 was over and done with, thus I felt like kicking myself in the face.

Latest Asura's Wrath Trailer Has More Action That Defies Words

These days it takes a lot for a game to simply be jaw dropping. Sometimes a game can be amazing through its visuals and overall presentation while others will simply wow us with gameplay that is beyond perfect.  It may still be a bit too early to tell, but once again Asura’s Wrath has shown that it has the potential to be the craziest and most jaw dropping action game released this year.

Asura is back and he's still pissed off in this new Asura's Wrath video

TGS last year was an interesting event if you’re a fan of Capcom’s games.  On one hand we got our first look at the Devil May Cry reboot that left its entire fan base crying over the changes that were made.

Become an angry deity in Asura's Wrath [Video/Screens]

Aside from giving us the potential mega mess that is the Devil May Cry reboot, Capcom also revealed Asura’s Wrath – a new action game from developer CyberConnect2.  Revolving around a deity betrayed by his fellow gods, the game follows the slightly pissed off Asura as he embarks on a journey of vengeance which just happens to be filled with violence and action.

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