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Canadian Video Game Awards & Canada Games Conference 2011!


Canadian Video Game Awards:

To further express our countries amazing video game developers, we here in Vancouver hold an annual Canadian Video Game Awards show. This show is filled with development superstars and high profile press/entertainment icons. The second annual CVGA's took place the eve before we kicked off the Canadian Games Conference. Here is the list of the winners and nominees followed by my romp through the Canadian Games Conference.

Diifii wraps up his adventure at the Eurogamer Expo 2010 with one last video

I love video game conventions, one of the things that these conventions highlight very well is the massive diversity of the gaming community. The Eurogamer Expo this year achieved a lot in terms of bringing together passionate gamers and letting us do what we love to do best; play video games. The three days the expo lasted were perhaps the best three days of this year for me. Being a part of this massive community is amazing.

Ubisoft Spotlight [PAX Prime]

Article Photos By Cynthia Griffiths

One of my first appointments on the show floor at PAX Prime 2010 was with the guys over at Ubisoft. Originally the plan was to see Child of Eden as soon as possible, but unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict the game wasn’t actually viewable at the show this year. That didn’t mean that there weren’t plenty of other gems present though, and here’s where I’ll spot light a select few that caught my attention while being lead through the booth.

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