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Army of Two

Dead Space Franchise Reportedly Cancelled [Update]

The Necromorph killing days of Isaac Clarke may officially be coming to an end based on a new rumor that is circulating.

First Wave Of Details For Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Last week EA surprised us ever so slightly with the reveal of Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. For the past few months we had known that a new AoT game was likely a thing due to a series of rumors and hints, but the lack of Salem & Rios in the leading roles and the March 2013 release date were otherwise unexpected.  Despite holding their yearly Summer press event, EA decided to keep details on Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel to a minimum but thankfully a few details has arisen thanks to Game Informer.

Army of Two Is Officially Coming Back With Grittier Dudebro Action

The original dudebro classic is returning as EA has finally announced the next installment in the Army of Two franchise.  Absent at E3 this year, gamers wondered what would be next for the AoT franchise, especially in the wake of actor Joe Flanigan letting it slip that he would be voicing a character in the game.

Actor Confirms Army of Four, The Follow-Up To Army of Two

A lot of new franchises have come and gone this generation with some being absolute duds while others have made substantial improvements but never hit a homerun as far as appealing to gamers.  One franchise that has had a somewhat interesting history is the Army of Two franchise from EA.

Visceral Games Montreal Working On Frostbite 2.0 Project. Is It Dead Space 3? [Rumor]

For whatever reasons they may have, EA has yet to announce the next installment of the Dead Space franchise.  With rumors pointing to a third entry being in the works, with possible spin-off games set in various genres, we all know that EA is working on a new Dead Space game but they’ve remained silent about when we could see it.

Why You Should Care: Army of Two

I may have painted myself into a bit of a corner here with the last couple of articles in this series. I think some people are starting to believe that I'm strictly a fan of games that are 'artistic' or broke the trend in terms of deviating from whatever was going on in the industry at the time. With titles like Mirror's Edge being so distinctive from everything else at the time, and Kane and Lynch's unique brand of multiplayer and story-telling, this week's article may feel a little bit less 'hipster/indie' of me, but allow me an opportunity to discuss why you should care about Army of Two.

EA announces demo for Army of Two: The 40th Day

EA is rolling on with the demo after last weeks release of Dante’s Inferno as this week will mark the release of a demo for Army of Two: The 40th Day. It’s almost surprising that a demo is dropping for the game since it wasn’t hinted at in the past but considering the game is coming out next month and seems to have little to no buzz it’s wise for EA to release a demo right now, especially with games like Bayonetta, Darksiders and MAG also being released in the same month.

EA could be reverting to their old ways with this new pre-order bonus for Army of Two: The 40th Day

As of late Electronic Arts has been on a pretty good path.  This generation they’ve managed to change their reputation from being the “evil empire” that gamers across the globe hate and are now a company known for producing quality games such as Dead Space.

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