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ReCore [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

ReCore would be a really solid entry into an otherwise under-appreciated genre, action/adventure, if it wasn't held back by a host of technical problems. The game lends concepts from titles like Zelda and Mega Man, but falls short on the excution of a lot of its great ideas.

The Pros: 

+Unique and fun take on action combat.
+Plenty of diversity in corebot customization.
+Beautiful world, both open and dungeons. 
+Plenty of great ideas.

The Cons: 

-Loading times are painfully long (even reloading sections).
-Stuttering/lagging and massive frame drops. Rating : 

If the idea of a Zelda-esque adventure title in the far-flung future created by gaming God Keiji Inafune and the creative minds behind Metroid Prime sounds like an exciting prospect, then you might appreciate the amount of fun I had with the first hour of the Microsoft Studios project ReCore. Unfortunately, that kind of high octane excitement is quickly removed due to a host of technical issues that hold the game back from being truly great and instead produce something that I would merely define as "good."

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