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A New Pokemon Game Is Revealed And Another Is Teased

Right now is a pretty good time to be a Pokemon fan, even if the world isn’t in a complete Pikachu love craze. With the release of Pokemon Black/White for the Nintendo DS, things got off to a pretty good start but they’re about to get even better.  While this news may not affect a good portion of the fine Shogun Gamer readers out there, we do have some cool Pokemon news and a tease for the future.

New Documentary Focuses On The World of Arcade Gaming In Japan

I may be a huge console gamer, but my heart will always be with arcade gaming as it was my gateway into the joys and wonders that are video games.  In the past I’ve expressed my arcade fandom and somewhat displeasure with how the American arcade industry is essentially dead except for a few indie establishments that are almost like curators of a past that is close to being forgotten.

Steve Wiebe tries to become the Donkey Kong champ once again and the result was...

There are some gamers out there who enjoy video games for the freedom they offer while some gamers enjoy games for the break from reality that is given to them.

SNK Playmore could be downsizing their video game projects [RUMOR]

The legendary King of Fighters series from SNK Playmore could be coming to a close based a somewhat shocking piece of news that has just hit.  The fighting game loving chaps over at have picked up a story from Dreamcancel which points to King of Fighters Producer Masaaki Kukineo having left the company in November.  A producer leaving a company usually isn’t the death blow to a franchise as there’s always someone to step in, but Masa

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