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Project Versus J/J-Stars Victory Debut Footage Released

Fans of anime and manga may be eagerly anticipating Project Versus J and now we have our first look at the project.  A bit scarce on game footage as it was only a mere commercial and not a full-blown media reveal,  things are shaping up to be good for the new cross-franchise brawler from Namco Bandai.

Project Versus J Screens Show Gameplay and Character Art

Those wanting more details on the anime/manga mash-up that is Project Versus J may have to wait a little longer for such thing, but Namco Bandai have shared the first in-game images from the potentially amazing game. 

Announced two weeks ago, Project Versus J has a premise that seems like it was dreamt of in a forum as it has various characters from notable Shonen Jump franchises beating the crap out of each other.  Basically, if you ever wanted to see Goku beat up a character from One Piece then your wish has been granted.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Is Returning In Another Brawler

It may have only taken five years to happen, but fans of the manga/anime that is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have reason to be excited today as a new video game based on the series has been announced. Last seen on the PS2 in 2006, the world of JoJo is once again returning to the confines of a video game but this time it’s not Capcom who’s responsible for such a thing but rather Namco Bandai.

Gundam Unicorn Premier Trailer Is A Downer

With today being Friday it’s usually expected for one to be generally elated since the work week is coming to a close. It doesn’t matter if you like to kick back and party, play games, go to a kinky club, or just check out a movie at your local cinema, Fridays are usually good days. My Friday was going along good, despite a mini-snowstorm happening in Chicago, and the day has been rather easy going.  However, my day has come to a screeching halt upon watching the premier trailer for Gundam Unicorn, the latest Gundam game to hit the PS3.

Do We Finally Have A Decent Gundam Game? [Video]

For some reason, perhaps in an effort to balance out the awesome quotient, most video games released based on the Gundam franchise are garbage.

Now You Can Create Your Very Own Saiyan Warrior Thanks To Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi

New episodes of Dragon Ball haven’t aired on TV in years and Dragon Ball: Evolution was a massive dud but for some reason we’re still receiving video games.  Coming to us next month will likely be the last Dragon Ball game so Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi has its work cut out for itself among the legions of DB fans who want to see a worth wild video game actually be released for once.

First Art And Videos For The Dragon Age Anime

Most gamers tend to love anime but for some reason we haven’t seen too many video games receive anime adaptations.  Halo went the unlikely route with Halo Legends but outside of that we have yet to see popular video games go all wide eyed on us or display sprawling action scenes that may or may not cause a seizure amongst certain viewers.  I don’t recall hearing about this in the past, but EA and BioWare have teamed up with prolific animation studio Funimation to produce a Dragon Age anime.

A New Gundam Game Is Coming Out That May Actually Be Good

With the impact of E3 2011 slowly beginning to fade, we now have our first major post-E3 reveal at the hands of Level-5 and Namco Bandai.  A good majority of Japanese publishers may have been totally missing in action at E3 as far as their spirit was concerned, but developers such as Namco Bandai haven’t completely given up due to the ever growing might of the West.  Announced today is the one-two combo of not only a new RPG from acclaimed developer Level-5 (Professor Layton, Dark Cloud) but a new Gundam property.

Diifii Attends The MCM Expo 2011

When he isn’t giving us in-depth reviews filled with energy, our very own Diifii is quite a fan of conventions, whether they be of the video game variety or just a hodgepodge of geek goodness.  After attending the expo last year, Diifii has returned once again to the MCM Expo this year to check out all the action the show has to offer.  While the MCM Expo may not be as big as some of the events Diifii has covered in the past such as the

Still Haven't Had Enough Of Dragon Ball Games? Well Here's Another One For You...

Most gamers do love to engage in battles that involve guys with green skin who just so happen to have antennas or against foes with spiky hair that puts to shame what we see out of the Final Fantasy franchise.  For over twenty years the Dragon Ball franchise has had a place in gaming and we’ve seen games ranging from side-scrolling fighters, MMO based adventure games and the standard 1 vs.

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