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Fallout Shelter is a Horrible, Horrible Tease

So, Fallout Shelter has been on the Android market for just around a week now.

GameStop Is Prepping A Tablet (No, This Isn't A Joke)

In news that couldn’t be expected in any possible fashion, GameStop has revealed their intention to release a tablet in the next year. Yes, GameStop as in the same international retailer of new and used video games and that is home to sometimes inept employees will be launching a custom made GameStop branded tablet. What the hell is going on today?

GDC 2011: Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson gave some details earlier today about the Xperia Play, the product once known as the PlayStation Phone. The Xperia Play is the very first PlayStation certified Android phone, with SCE planning on announcing more in the future. The target audience for the phone is not specifically hardcore gamers, and is meant to be more widely appealing. The exact words used were that it is ‘broader than gaming.’

Xperia Play Commercial Leaks, Is Somwhat Creepy

The faucet is continuing to leak as today we have yet another leak concerning the Xperia Play.  At this point there’s not much we don’t know about Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation certified phone, but we could be ever closer to getting some hands-on time with if this video is any indication.

Wesley Snipes entering the world of video games with Julius Styles. Huh?

Back in the heyday of 1990s cinema, Wesley Snipes was on top of his game.  While most of us know of Mr. Snipes work in action fair like Passenger 57, he proved that he was a diverse actor through projects such as Mo' Better Blues and Jungle Fever.  Wesley of course didn’t stray far from his passion, martial arts, as he offered nice amounts of ass kicking in the Blade Trilogy, U.S. Marshalls and Unstoppable.

Sony Ericsson reportedly readying gaming-centric Android device

With the announcement and subsequent reveal of the Nintendo 3DS, there was immediately interest to see what Sony would do next. While the PSP was far from a flop, in the past year or so it hasn’t exactly maintained a brisk schedule of high profile releases, thus not exactly matching up to the insane sales numbers of the Nintendo DS. Well after countless rumors over the past few months it appears that Sony could indeed be changing things up within their handheld division.

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