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Radial Dialogue - Episode 12 - X-Files and Preacher

Hopefully some of you were able to join us, it does look like the viewership is (slowly) growing, which is exciting and rewarding for us here! Episode 12 deviates from the video-game centric talk though and allows Jen and I the opportunity to talk about some stuff (outside of gaming) that had us excited today. Chiefly amongst those pieces were the details surrounding a particular casting for the upcoming AMC series Preacher and the return of X-Files to Fox!

The Walking Dead Is Receiving Another Video Game, This Time Of The FPS Variety

As if we didn’t have enough zombie games to begin with, Activision has announced that they will be releasing a video game based on the ever popular AMC TV series The Walking Dead. Now perhaps you’re doing a double take right now as there’s already a video game based on The Walking Dead via the folks over at Telltale Games.

Telltale Games Reveals Two Exciting New Games Based On Hit Properties (Hint: they involve zombies and fairy tales)

As I correctly guessed last month, not to toot my own horn of course, developer Telltale Games has announced that they’re developing a new video game series based on the hit comic book/TV show “The Walking Dead.”  Last month Telltale Games teased us of an impending announcement involving a major property in both the comic book and entertainment world and as it turns out, we’re getting yet another zombie game.

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