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Telltale Games Issues A Somewhat Disappointing Update Concerning The Jurassic Park Game

I think a good portion of gamers may not have known this, but the first installment of Telltale Games' Jurassic Park game was set to drop this month on the PC. But as is often the case in the wild jungle that is video game development, unexpected things came up and additional time is needed to polish things, thus Telltale Games has delayed Jurassic Park’s debut on the PC.

New Jurassic Park: The Game BTS Video Offers Insight On The Project and Shows Lots Of Dinosaurs

Next month we’re going to receive something we’ve been wanting for a long time: a new Jurassic Park game is going to be bestowed upon us. It almost seems absurd that there’s not more hype going on for the first installment of Telltale Games’ Jurassic Park game but yeah, next month we’re getting a FREAKING JURASSIC PARK VIDEO GAME!! That alone should have gamers, young and old, going into raptor Jesus mode since the Jurassic Park franchise is still one that holds weight today and seeing a video game that features dinosaurs is a rarity these days.

Some images of Telltale Games' Jurassic Park game have finally emerged

Last weekend the internet blew up when the first details on Telltale Games’ upcoming Jurassic Park game finally surfaced.  Even though the Jurassic Park game wasn’t going to feature laser strapped dinosaurs or a highly intelligent breed of dinos who were commandos (like the JP4 script) the game still sounded really interesting.

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