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Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

A great story, cast, and choice system that highlights an amazingly well put together RPG. The replay value in the title is through the roof, but there are some technical and gameplay draw-backs that people should be aware of before they buy.

The Pros: 

Solid voice acting. Compelling story. Unparalleled levels of choice, and story divergence. Massive replay value.

The Cons: 

Terrible shooting. Horrible mini-games. Game-breaking boss fights (depending on the character class you pick). Rating : 

For some time now I’ve been following the development of Alpha Protocol. The early stages sounded like it was going to be a return to Mass Effect’s earlier RPG elements, plus spies. I, of course, was sold as soon as I heard there were spies involved. The bigger hook for me though was bringing in active dialog trees and the RPG inspired game-play. Unfortunately the game did a good job of emulating most of Bioware’s original space-RPG, right down to a lot of the issues that people had with the first instalment in the franchise.

QuarterSave: Beta Protocol EP39

Welcome to another edition of the QuarterSave Podcast! This week is episode number 39, “Beta Protocol.” We talk about Alpha Protocol a bit, along with the classic Perfect Dark which I’ve been playing again on Xbox Live. Corey of course has been hard at work, so doesn’t have a lot of video games to talk about, but that doesn’t stop him from having an opinion on the week’s new and beer!

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