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Quantum Conundrum and Papo & Yo Developers Join Ouya With New Software

The PlayStation 4 may have our undivided attention right now, but we shouldn’t forget or entirely write off the Ouya.  Likely not destined to match the instant appeal that Sony has gathered for their new console, the Ouya is nonetheless gathering steam based on these latest announcements.

Square Enix Unveils The Ghostly Detective Drama That Is Murdered: Soul Suspect

Today may officially mark the start of the next-generation of consoles, but that isn’t stopping Square Enix from announcing a major property destined for the current gen. After a bit of teasing through some clever viral marketing sites, Square Enix has officially unveiled the supernatural thriller that is Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Get a taste of Dark Void this week via a demo

It looks like Capcom may not have entirely lost faith in their new IP Dark Void as a demo will be made available this week.  The demo will be available on Xbox Live on January 6 and will hit the PlayStation Network on January 7.

Exact details on the demo weren’t specified aside from that it will offer players an opportunity to test out the games jetpack along with the unique vertical cover mechanics. 

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