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A New Hero Is Unveiled For X-Men: Destiny

I’ve always enjoyed comics books ever since I was a young lad, despite having no clue what the hell was being said since the comprehension skills of a four-year aren’t the best.  But since my early exposure to comic books I’ve always enjoyed the worlds that and characters that are present in the world of comics, particularly the X-Men.

Oh Wow, We Have A Movie Game That Could Be Good! New Trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Deep inside my geek laden heart I consider myself to be a Transformers fan. No, I’m not a Transformers fan because of the Michael Bay films or because I’ve watched some of the horrific cartoons that have been released lately. I’m basically an old-school Transformers fan who saw the G1 cartoon back in the day but then became hooked upon watching Beast Wars, which I must say is the BEST TRANSFORMERS CARTOON EVER!

A Bungie Designer Reveals What The Studio's Next Project Is

Having developed one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, Bungie pretty much has free reign to do whatever the hell they want.  No longer directly attached to the Halo franchise (that honor goes to 343 Industries), Bungie was in one of those rare instances where they could go to a company and be given carte blanche to do whatever the hell they wanted to do.  After settling with Activision as a partner (much to the dismay of gamers and the industry as a whole), Bungie has finally revealed the first tidbit on their next project, which in the end could be disappointing f

Here's The Trailer For The Modern Warfare Fan Film (It's Actually Pretty Good)

Last week we received an interesting tease that many believed was going to be for a new Modern Warfare game.

Find Out What The Rumored Modern Warfare 3 Announcement Actually Is

I have some bad news for people who were hoping that we would get an announcement for Modern Warfare 3 this week: it isn’t happening.

A Somewhat Vague Teaser Site Surfaces For What Could Be Modern Warfare 3

We have a situation on our hands that could be yet another case of a publisher playing coy despite the obvious signals, or we have what could be the greatest viral marketing troll ever done by a major company.  As has been the case for the last few years, this year we’re going to see the release of several high profile modern warfare action games, the biggest of which is the as yet unannounced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and the recently announced Battlefield 3.  EA has already gotten the marketing blitz for BF3 in motion with the release of the

United Front Games Issues Layoffs But Things May Not Be Entirely Grim

As it was sadly expected, Vancouver based developer United Front Games has issued a series of lay-offs throughout the studio in the wake of Activision cancelling True Crime: Hong Kong.  The cancellation of True Crime: Hong Kong is still settling in amongst gamers, and the shock waves sent out by the cancellation of the game have finally made their way to United Front Games.

Out Of The Ashes Of Bizarre Creations Comes The Creation of Lucid Games

It was a mere two weeks ago that Bizarre Creations officially closed their doors.  After releasing a string of games that didn’t do terribly well at retail or achieved the much sought after Metacritic requirements, the studio was shuttered by Activision.  Part of why Bizarre Creations closed rested on the shoulders of the studio as things were apparently mismanaged a lot to the point where everyone involved knew that the eventual outcome for the studio wouldn’t be good.  Of course the other big reason BC closed was because Activision doesn’t have a problem cutting ties i

Prototype 2 Teaser Clip Is Short But Isn't Light On The Action

Perhaps one of the most underwhelming announcements made at the Spike Video Game Awards last year was the reveal of Prototype 2.  After a series of cryptic teases were made, which led many to think that a new Resident Evil game was going to be revealed, we were treated to a somewhat ho-hum reveal for Prototype 2. Maybe I’m just being a hater, but I didn’t enjoy the first Prototype, and I wasn’t the only one who felt that as the game was a bit shoddy in some respects.

Bungie's New Game For Activision Is Possibly A MMO FPS [Rumor]

Last year Bungie shocked us all when they announced a partnership with Activision to produce a new IP.  Not only was Bungie teaming up with Activision something that resulted in a combo of exclamation and question marks floating above our heads, but the fact that Bungie signed a ten year contract with Activision proved to be even more baffling.  Bungie didn’t tie themselves exclusively to Activision as they can still continue other projects, but there were still a lot of gamers o

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