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007 Legends First Stage May Be A Surprise [Video]

Today is like Christmas for James Bond fans as we not only have the debut trailer for Skyfall, the next James Bond movie, but our first look at the next 007 video game as well. Announced by Activision a few weeks ago, 007 Legends is a special release of sorts meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of 007 as it features seven classic 007 stories retold and woven together into a presumably cohesive experience. 

Prototype 2 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

I know I’ll catch flack for the amount of times I make this reference, if not from the publisher directly than from the readership, but this is Hulk Ultimate Destruction all over again and I’m pretty okay with it. The game is all about massive, senseless destruction, and it’s done well. The ability to tear a helicopter in two never gets old, and there’s plenty of ways to mix-and-match the violence through concepts like tearing weapons off tanks and attack choppers to keep things fluid, and cause ridiculous amounts of explosions and death.

The Pros: 

+The scope of the destruction is nearly unparalleled, and something I’ve been sorely missing in gaming for a while now.

+The amount of options presented for messing things up, and making it look cool are absolutely stunning.

+The revenge story of the game is a classic one, and the concept of making the original game’s protagonist the villain in part 2 excites me on many nerd-levels. 

The Cons: 

-The story gets a little convoluted by the time the ‘villain’ of the story is recast for the third time.

-There are two moves in the game that over-power all others, rendering anything else you might conceive of using useless. Rating : 

Remember back in 2005 when Radical created the single best Hulk game of all time? Ultimate Destruction was a fantastic game because it allowed you to wreak ungodly amounts of destruction upon a city swarming with innocent civilians and a never-ending tidal wave of US army troops that would never, ever give up on their futile attempts to stop you. It was one of the best examples of a game just being pure, mindless fun, and time and time again I’ve had discussions with my friends regarding a potential sequel to that game.

Grimlock Transforms In New Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Trailer

Today we got our first look at actual gameplay footage from Highmoon Studios’ Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. More importantly we got our first look at the fearless Dinobot leader Grimlock in action.

The 50th Anniversary Of James Bond Is Celebrated In 007 Legends, The New James Bond Video Game

2012 is a special year for James Bond as not only will it bring filmgoers the 23rd installment in the franchise, but it also marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond’s debut.  It was nearly half a century ago that Ian Fleming created James Bond and gave us a character that has manage to adapt and remain relevant despite the ever changing times that have passed.  Being the iconic character that he is, special plans are in place to celebrate James Bond hitting the 50th mark and that includes a new 007 video game.

Another Member Of Infinity Ward (COD: Modern Warfare) Opts To Bail Out

We’re nearly upon the two year anniversary of the infamous Infinity Ward incident of 2010 which saw studio founders Frank Zampella and Jason West exit the studio at the hands of Activision over several things, some of which if you ask certain people is shady on all involved parties.  Since leaving Activision and Infinity Ward, Zampella and West went on to form Respawn Entertainment and sign a contract with EA, much to the chagrin of Activision as they’ll have a major competition once Respawn finally ships their first game.

Activision Reveals Another Transformers Game

The Transformers franchise may have been somewhat sullied by a movie trilogy that was the embodiment of dumb and abysmal (at least to fans of the original property), but at least the Transformers are still rolling out in some hopefully good video games.  Besides the forthcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Activision has just announced a new Transformers game that may be geared towards the younger gamers but aren’t we all young at heart?

Modern Warfare 3 DLC Preview [GDC 2012]

As I mentioned in last week’s TL;DR there’s still a lot of information coming out of GDC, slowly but surely, due to the magic of embargo dates. Today’s release of information means that we can talk about the time we spent last week with the Modern Warfare 3 DLC plans, and our hands-on impressions. For those that aren’t already aware, Activision is upping their commitment from 20 pieces of content to 24 pieces, which for the Elite subscribers is coming at no additional cost.

Why Does This Exist? DLC Pre-ordering.

While browsing the interwebs earlier this week I came across an ad for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The ad was promoting the upcoming release of the MW3’s first set of downloadable content, hardly anything new. What graces the top corner of this ad was something I have never seen before... something I still don’t understand. “Pre-order Now!”

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Images Are Full Of Action And Visual Delights

Normally seeing some “in-game” screens of an announced game aren’t a big thing since there’s always a decent amount of post-processing effects to make everything look sharper than it really is. I’ll even go as far as to admit that such visual trickery has made me jaded which is why I don’t do that many posts exclusively catered to screenshots reveals.  But I have to say that my inner geek made me do a small about face since these new images for Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron are as badass as a game about giant robots engaged in war can be.

Battleship: The Movie - The Game Is Revealed (Yes, This Is Really Happening)

Today brings us news that I couldn’t have ever dreamt: Activision is publishing a video game based on the forthcoming Battleship movie.  In case you didn’t see the Super Bowl trailer that aired this past weekend, the live-action Battleship movie is dumb. In fact it’s a level of dumb that I don’t think Michael Bay has even reached (OMG, aliens are invading Earth by hiding in the ocean bro!), but for some reason I’m enamored with the movie and now we have a first-person shooter video game to go along with it.

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