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Activision Blizzard

Ode to Blizzard: The Two Decade Storm

When you say the name Blizzard, anyone with two nipples and an asshole gets all puckered in the backside and sharp in the front.. So, where do you even start explaining the un-natural wonder-gods that are the folks at Blizzard?

World of Starcraft Exists! Sort of...

World of Starcraft has been a dream of MMO and RTS players alike for quite some time. This week a crap-storm of drama has swirled up around a fan made SC2 mod called World of Starcraft. What started out as an innocent and awesome project by a sole developer, Ryan Winzen, has turned into a story worthy of your eyes and ears.

New Blur Demo Update and Multiplayer Trailer

Activision releases a new Multiplayer trailer and a final demo update for Bizarre Creations' smash 'em up racer Blur to coincide with their announcement of over one million gamers downloading the demo.

The final update will contain two races, Tokyo and Amboy, in the Supercar Racing circuit. Also included will be the ability to race with A-Class cars, earned fans will be doubled and power-up placements will be shifted differently in each race.

The demo is scheduled to remain live until May 10, 2am PST.

New Blur Trailer Hits The Road

If you have a Xbox 360 console then you are one of the lucky ones to be getting an early first hand taste of Blur awesomeness.

Blur is the upcoming street style car racer from Bizarre Creations and Activision Blizzard that promises to deliver hours of sweet street speedway mayhem.

The latest trailer below details various race locations, track environments, car types and  modifications straight from some of the game's developers.


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