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Gameplay Footage Of The PSN Title Rain Finally Arrives

Sony has finally lifted the veil on one of the last few games bound for the PS3.  After surprising us last year at Gamescom, the new PSN bound SCE Japan produced adventure game Rain has finally surfaced again.  Still slated to arrive sometime this year, presumably before the PS4 is released, we now have a better look at Rain thanks to this new gameplay video.

Acquire Reveals The Persona Clone That Is Mind 0 [Update]

2013 may be a better year for the PlayStation Vita since yet another game for the platform has been revealed.  After teasing us last week with a site that led people to believe The Last Guy was set to return (which was a dumb thing to think), Acquire has revealed the new action-dungeon crawler Mind 0.

The PlayStation Vita Gets A Somewhat Unique Title With SumiOni

Since we’re a week away from the Tokyo Game Show more Japanese developers are starting to announce what games their prepping for the PlayStation Vita.  So far the potential launch line-up for the PlayStation Vita is incredibly solid but is filled with a lot of 1st party efforts, some of which are new entry in existing franchises.  But thanks to a few Japanese developers we’re going to get some possibly cool original titles for the Vita including SumiOni, which I don’t know how to describe other than being a 2D action experience akin to the cult Capcom game Okami.

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