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Rage From Jage: Achieve(ments) The Impossible!

I remember the “good ol’ days”…you know, before the Xbox 360 was released and before that cursed, yet satisfactory “blip” would ring in your ears and you would then be rewarded with a number of points.  That’s right, before Achievements came along and took quite a few of us (yes, me included) by storm, and showed us a new meaning to “100% completion” of a game.

TL;DR - Mar 12 - GDC 2012, Scrolls, Achievements

Happy Monday Shogun Gamer-ites! Gamers? That makes more sense. Shogun Gamers! It’s the first day of a new week, and that means I can get started on recapping some of the stories we didn’t get around to throughout the day. Today I shine the spotlight on a couple of smaller stories that piqued my personal interest, and you might be interested in as well: Microsoft has increased their points on XBLA titles to 400! Mojang and Bethesda settled the ‘Scrolls’ dispute, and GDC announces their numbers for 2012.


Lionhead's Fable III Achievements Revealed got the scoop on the list of achievements that awaits fans of Fable 3 to unlock when the Lionhead's epic RPG sequel releases on Oct 26th.

The achievements includes a hodgepodge of the usual collecting or kill count achievements along with some achievements that involves cross-dressing, chicken dressing and dressing down your Fable 3 Xbox Live co-op partner.

Achievement List:

What Achievements Would Be Like In The Work Place

Many times in my life have I pondered what it would be like if there were achievements that could be obtained in the real world. Heck, at my last place of work I even tried to get achievements instituted into the workflow to try and boost productivity. But the higher ups didn't buy into it and it eventually fell by the wayside. 

[Spoiler Alert] Get a sneak peak at Assassin Creed 2 Achievements/Trophies


For those of you who are interested to snatch up every little tidbit of information about the upcoming Assassin's Creed sequel (as I am) the achievement/trophy list appears to have been leaked. Below is a list of achievements that you'll be striving for when the title launches next month on the 17th. 

So let the trophy strategizing begin!


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