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SnakeByte Switch Starter Kit [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The Starter Kit from SnakeByte is a great all-in-one solution for protecting your new Nintendo Switch. It includes plenty of accessories to protect your console investment including screen protector, game cases, and a hard travel case to get your unit from point A to point B safely.

The Pros: 

+Everything is of decent quality
+The price point is easy on the wallet
+Package as a whole address all of the major console complaints

The Cons: 

-Earbuds aren't much and serve as little more than a bridge to a proper pair
-Screen protector is tricky to apply correctly, especially without instructions Rating : 

 One of the biggest issues with the Nintendo Switch is how expensive everything is. The console comes with “two” JoyCon which is cool, considering it lets you play multiplayer out of the box, but absolutely everything else is an additional charge and in most cases, it is well beyond the ESP that we would have assumed it’d be on the run-up.

Cyborg MMO7 Pro Gaming Mouse [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The MMO7 comes from a long-ling of professional gaming mice (the R.A.T. series) and feels every bit as good as its predacessors. The only problem with the mouse, for the general gaming public, is the ridiculous amount of buttons and commands on the thing. 30 is the most I've ever heard anyone 'need' and this is more than double that.

The Pros: 

+Fully customizable, allowing gamers to get exactly the feel they want.

+Included software and accessories mean getting a ton of options out of the box.

+Downloadable (or custom) software means getting to maximize your mouse's potential without a whole lot of heavy-lifting. 

+The new 'lock' feature is something I wouldn't have thought I needed, but now have a hard time living without.

The Cons: 

-78 programmable commands seems a little overkill.

-The locations for the mouse's 13 buttons are a little odd, and take, at minimum, some getting used to. Rating : 

I have always been someone that has been pretty picky about my computer accessories. Mice need to have the right shape, appropriate clicking sound, smooth action and correct weight to them. So, traditionally it’s been a bit of a challenge to get a mouse that has everything… There have been options along the way that hit two or three of the sweet-spots and were deemed “good enough,” that’s why the concept of the Cyborg R.A.T.

Mad Catz Pro Circuit Controller (Xbox 360)

Overall Feeling: 

The customizability of the controller is simply unprecedented. No controller has been able to offer as much customization as this one, providing the opportunity for gamers to have a truly personalized gaming experience. While the controller itself comes with multiple options out of the box, there's sure to be plenty of more options down the road for additional stick designs, d-pads and especially aesthetic changes with the magnetic faceplates, available to consumers online (and in store) as the controller evolves.

The Pros: 

+Unparalleled options for customization.

+Tournament ready wired controller design for zero latency.

+Multiple options for customizing the controller within the box. 

+Snazzy little travel-case that makes storing/carrying the controller simple.

The Cons: 

-Corded controllers might be an issue for the casual gamer (though the name itself implies this isn't really for them anyways).

-The locking mechanism for the cord at the top of the controller is long enough that it feels awkward and causes some issues with the overall balance of the controller. Rating : 

Ever since the release of the Fightstick Pro, three years ago, Mad Catz has built up their company from one that produced bargain controllers for consoles, to one that represents top-tier gear for modern consoles and professional level gaming. The Fightsticks has become all but standardized in the realm of professional-level fighting games/tournaments, and to expand on that success Mad Catz has now partnered up with the MLG (Major League Gaming) to produce a series of fully customizable controllers for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

PDP to Exclusively Provide Accessories for Microsoft's Kinect

Microsoft has teamed up with PDP to exclusively offer future Kinect owners several options to mount the motion control device that launches this November 4th.

Press release listed the following:

EA Sports 5-in-1 Gamer Kit for the Nintendo DS [Product Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The EA Sports Gamer Kit may not be the sleek DS accessory pack some desire but if you’re a baseball fan then it’s a gold mine. Featuring a nice case and skin for your DS, the package knocks it out of the part in terms of the value as it’s one of the nicest themed DS accessories packs I’ve laid eyes on.

The Pros: 

The carrying case is well made and sturdy. Headphones sound solid though the comfort level may not be quite there. Applying the DS skin is easy and more importantly it looks nice once applied.

The Cons: 

Headphones are a bit too small. The overall style maybe a bit too kid centric for some older gamers. Rating : 

It’s said that baseball is the national past time of the U.S., a sport that for well over a century has become ingrained in the nation.  Despite a somewhat shaky history in the past few years, baseball is still as popular as ever, especially with the World Series almost upon us.  So what better way to combine ones love of baseball and video games than with the EA Sports baseball Gamer Kit for the Nintendo DS.

Kontrol Freek's Speed Freek and FPS Freek [Product Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The FPS Freek can help you improve your accuracy, but will throw off your timing for fast-paced combat. The Speed Freek doesn't seem to offer any improvement what-so-ever.

The Pros: 

The FPS Freek will definitely help you with tweaking your accuracy, and on the PS3 it improves the feel of the rather small controller.

The Cons: 

On the Xbox the FPS Freek pushes just beyond the comfort zone, and provides a reduced reaction time. The Speed Freek feels awkward, and doesn't seem to offer any benefits to game-play what-so-ever. Rating : 

Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeding my need for action with a heavy portion of FPS and Driving games. During that period I opted to try out a couple interesting little products from the fine people over at Kontrol Freek. Those two being: the stick-extending FPS Freek, and the half-pipe-inspired Speed Freek. Each accessory is dedicated to specific needs for specific game types, but does adding $14.99 worth of plastic to your Xbox/PS3 controller make a world of difference?

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