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Remaining THQ Properties Acquired (Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction)

The rather depressing saga of THQ is almost over for good since the remaining properties once owned by the company have now been acquired. Initially passed up in the auction that saw Ubisoft pick up South Park and Saints Row become part of the Koch Media family, once major THQ franchises such as Darksiders and Drawn to Life now have new homes – however unexpected they may be.

Tactical FPS Takedown Gains Publisher and Console Release

The Kickstarter funded FPS game Takedown has now officially found a home.  After making its funding goal in a brilliant last minute hurrah, the development team at Serellan LLC continued their work on the project but now they have the backing of a rather substantial publishing partner.

Starbreeze (The Darkness) Reveals The Fantasy Based Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

When a developer hypes up an upcoming project without showing or telling us anything it usually results in complete disappointment. Gamers may be hard to please at times, but when something is teased to be surprising only to be revealed as a derivative mess of concepts that isn’t new by any means, then the further flaming gamers may give a particular studio can be justified.  

Terraria Is Taking It's Mix of Side-Scrolling and Block Building To The PSN/XBLA

Following in the steps of the recent Minecraft XBLA port which did gangbusters at retail, the hit indie adventure/block building game Terraria is also receiving a port. Announced today, Terraria will be arriving on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2013.  Released on the PC in 2011, Terraria captivated gamers thanks to its mixture of side-scrolling exploration and the ability to create items which in turn provided near endless content thanks to the substantial user community.

Backbreaker Is Coming Back In A New Spin-Off

I’m not a huge fan of American football despite being born and bred in America (Chicago to be exact). Sure I’m a fan of the Chicago Bears (they’ve been decent but that NFC Championship game against Green Bay was a disgrace) but I’ve always been more fond of other sports like soccer and rugby – thus I’m not a hardcore player of football video games.  I can dig what Madden does but for some reason it was never the game for me despite the dozens of features and sometimes on the money gameplay it offers.

EA Sports MMA Could Be A Thing Of The Past

The competition in the MMA video game genre may have dwindled based on the surprise move the UFC made this past weekend.  MMA fans out there know that the two major or at least go-to MMA leagues in North America are the UFC and Strikeforce.  With Affliction being a thing of the past, those who opted out of the UFC and still wanted to fight on the big stage always had Strikeforce as a place to call home while still being at the top of their game due to the roster the league has.  Well now Zuffa (the parent company of the UFC) has gobbled up the competition as the company has b

Supremacy MMA Adds Some Female Charm To Its Brutal Fights

Supremacy MMA is trying to separate itself from the other MMA games out there in a few key areas.  As some of you may already know from watching the first gameplay trailer, Supremacy MMA isn’t holding back in the violence department at all.  MMA itself is a brutal sport but the other games on the market (UFC from THQ and EA Sports MMA) have kept things relatively tame since they’re based on MMA leagues with sanctioned rules.  Supremacy MMA doesn’t have a league thus we can head stop dudes and see brutal injuries like a guy’s arm doing what appears to be a pretzel rotation.

This New Supremacy MMA Trailer Shows The Underbelly of Underground Fights

Supremacy MMA is aiming to be a darker and grittier MMA game compared to what else is on the market, and as of now I’m all for that.  We’ve seen just how brutal the game will be in its last gameplay trailer which had broken bones in plentiful amounts, but the gritty tone and feel that developer Kung Fu Factory is applying won’t merely be limited to the gameplay.

It's Time To Put Your Swimming Trunks On: The Michael Phelps Video Game is Revealed

Way back in 2008, Michael Phelps (the chap that won a crapload of Gold medals in swimming) revealed that amongst the many sponsorships and projects he was working on that he also signed with an unnamed company to release a video game.  Amongst the sports that are out there, I really don’t think anyone was overly excited or had an immense yearning for a game based on swimming. The sport may be taxing on the body and the skill required should no doubt be recognized, but swimming really doesn’t have what it takes to be an entertaining video game as it could merely to button mashing.

A seasoned fighter joins Supremacy MMA (Video + New Screens)

Supremacy MMA has a lot going for it right now. It has a gritty look, a more approachable fighting system that has been likened to Tekken and all around it’s just nice to see a MMA game that isn’t from THQ or EA. But one thing that worried people about Supremacy MMA was its lack of immediate star power.  Even without the UFC franchise EA Sports MMA was able to draw in people through the inclusion of MMA legends like Randy Couture and Bas Rutten. So what does Supremacy MMA have up its sleeve?

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