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3D Gaming

Datura Preview + Interview [GDC 2012]

Seeing the way video games evolve always interests me as there are at least half a dozen factors developers can approach when devising a game.  Should the emotional route be taken or should a different gameplay formula be implemented that however unorthodox it may be is ultimately something that will not only service the premise of the game but provide a fresh experience to gamers?

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Switches To A Different Perspective In This Gameplay Video

As a longtime fan of the Ratchet & Clank series I had a nice amount of interest for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, the latest installment in the franchise which is somewhat of a spin-off from the main R&C Future series.  Over the years our favorite Lombax and robot may have made regular appearances on the PS3 and PSP, perhaps to the point of annoyance amongst some, but it was cool to see Insomniac Games and their new North Carolina studio bring some multiplayer action to the R&C franchise.

Child of Eden's PS3 Bonus Features Are Finally Revealed

All but a handful of people may care about this news, but it has been confirmed that the forthcoming PlayStation 3 version of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s triply shooting game Child of Eden will support the PlayStation Move and Stereoscopic 3D.  Schedule to appear on the PS3 in North America and Europe in September, Child of Eden’s newfound features were long rumored but often denied by certain staff members of developer Q Entertainment which led some to wonder what the hell was actually going on.  But now we can all get our synesthesia rave action on as we shoot space whales while moving

FYI: Sony Makes A Minor Change In The PS3 3D Monitor Bundle

In case you were hoping to jump aboard the 3D bandwagon this year with Sony’s PlayStation 3 3D enabled monitor you may want to take note of one slightly significant change.  Instead of the 3D monitor bundle shipping with a copy of Resistance 3 as it was announced at E3 this year, the bundle will now ship with a copy of Motorstorm: Apocalypse, which in case you didn’t know also supports 3D gaming.

The Shmup Genre Lives On In Sine Mora [Video]

Today is a very good day to be a fan of the shmup genre since gamers have a new title to play later this year which based on the talent involved could become the best shmup released in the past five years.  Announced last year, Sine Mora has resurfaced to get a little hype going for the debut the game will be making at Gamescom in two weeks.  A joint production between Grasshopper Manufacture and the Hungary based Digital Reality Games, Sine Mora appears to be a very old-fashioned shmup which by all accounts I think is what the video game industry desperately needs right now.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Hands-On [E3 2011]

At this point it’s almost standard practice to see a new Ratchet & Clank game pop up, even if we may not immediately want one.  The fan reaction to the PS3 generation of R&C games has been a bit mixed with some people absolutely loving the direction the series has taken while others wished the franchise would just go to some distant planet and retire.

House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut - Hands-On [E3 2011]

Zombies are a bit played out at this point since we’ve seen them be used to death in films, video games and most recently TV shows. I’m not saying that everything that features a zombie is a cheap or completely unoriginal thing, but seeing a car commercial that features a zombie in a woeful attempt to be funny or hearing about people going on zombie walks in downtown areas of cities across the U.S. is simply silly and I think it sells zombies a bit short.

E3 Going 3D With New Technology

Whether you consider 3D to be a fad or not it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. Unfortunately, the cost of getting a 3D TV is too high for the majority of households. The Nintendo 3DS provided a decently priced option for 3D gaming, with the extra bonus of not needed glasses. However, Snakebyte has announced that they will be showcasing their new HDMI cable at E3, which they claim can turn any 2D image into a glasses-free 3D experience.

Rumor Of The Day: Xbox 360 Getting Stereoscopic 3D

We’ve seen Sony take a major stance with 3D gaming on the PlayStation 3 and now Microsoft could be jumping on the bandwagon as well.  While a few Xbox 360 games have supported 3D gaming (James Cameron’s Avatar, Crysis 2), the rumored 3D update for the Xbox 360 would deliver a true stereoscopic 3D experience. This news, or rather rumor I should say, is coming to us right at the height of the pre-E3 hoopla so there could be some truth to it or it could be complete rubbish.

Capcom Covers the Show Floor! [PAX East 2011]

Capcom seemed to have presence all over the PAX floor this year. They had a stand-alone booth showcasing some 3DS titles. They shared a booth with Sprint to show the 3DS titles as well as Marvel vs. Capcom. Lastly, they were a part of the Nintendo booth for their 3DS titles. Noticing a trend? Let's go over what they brought to the show.

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