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The Unfinished Swan

Developer Behind The Unfinished Swan Tease Next Project

The developer behind one of the more unique games to come out last year is slowly getting the hype gears moving for their next title.  After wowing PS3 users with an abstract but addicting game in the form of The Unfinished Swan, the team at Giant Sparrow has revealed that they’re in the early stages of their follow-up title.

New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Includes A Space Engineer and A God

Despite SuperBot Entertainment and Sony parting ways out of nowhere, the DLC plans for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale aren’t being given the boot – at least for now.  After the arrival of the Fury Level and the arrival of Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emmett (Starhawk) as playable characters, PS All-Stars is set to receive yet another new level mash-up and two more characters.

The Unfinished Swan Is Finally Revealed For The PSN

Sony may not be able to keep a lid on all their big projects, but every now and then a project does come along which we either didn’t see coming or was collectively forgotten about due to how long its development cycle has been.  As far as major PS3 exclusives are concerned we may not see anything else major come out in the next year or so, but when it comes to the PSN Sony still have a lot of surprises in store for us, one of which is The Unfinished Swan.

Is Sony publishing/co-developing The Unfinished Swan? (Amazing video inside)

Sony has proven that this generation they’re all about creativity and helping indie studios publish their projects when it comes to the PlayStation Network.  Gamers have certainly criticized Sony for not nabbing a plethora of HD remix games, but I’m perfectly fine experiencing games like those from thatgamecompany to stuff like Everyday Shooter or interactive art projects such as Linger in Shadows.

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